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The first Indian cryptocurrency coin

Are you thinking of getting a huge profit on your investment? Be happy because you are in the right place. Here we will discuss the first Indian cryptocurrency coin and the new system for investment in coins which is Brocoin. The First Phase of ICO was conducted on 1 July and sold 25000000 in just 6 Hours of time. Plus the advantages and disadvantages of this process or business will also be discussed. So what are you waiting for? Come let’s start this amazing discussion.

What is cryptocurrency?

Before getting deep into any topic, it is necessary to show some light on its introduction. So here you go with the cryptocurrency definition. It is a virtual or digital currency that is protected by cryptocurrency. This makes it impossible to use and double-spend on unnecessary things. Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology with decentralised networks. If you are thinking about blockchain technology then let us clear to you that it is a ledger that is enforced by a disparate network of computers. 

Father of cryptocurrency:

Satoshi Nakamoti is considered the father of cryptocurrency. He claims Japanese nationality. He is known for inventing bitcoin, deploying the first decentralized digital currency, and implementing the first blockchain. Currently, he is working in the fields of computer science, cryptography, and digital currencies. 

Cheapest cryptocurrency:

Let’s talk about the cheapest cryptocurrency. Currently, the cheapest currency is Dogecoin which is equal to 0.6 dollars. Many analysts are considering it a viable investment option.

Brocoin cryptocurrencies:

Now you all have a big opportunity to invest in the coin. In the year 2009, those who didn’t invest in bitcoin now have an opportunity to invest in Brocoin in the year 2021. They can capitalize their investment with Brocoin, the future face of currency. Brocoin has a completely decentralized payment system. It has a Peer to peer network empowered system. Moreover, it gives you Security with anonymity. When the entire crypto market is flooded with Tokens, Brocoin is here to make a difference. Now the Blockchain revolution is joined by Brocoin Cryptocurrency. Brocoin is the Symbol of Brotherhood. It’s a Coin, not a token. The Coin Symbol is “BRON ” It’s a Brother coin of Bitcoin/Litecoin the total number of coins in the Brocoin Blockchain is 1,000,000,000.00.

Beginners guide to brocoin cryptocurrency:

Now let’s discuss some things which are helpful for beginners. As you know that this is a digital currency that helps buy goods and different services. It uses an online ledger that secures all of your online transactions. The main interest of these currencies is to generate profit and now Brocoin is helping you to achieve your targeted profit. In the USA, cryptocurrencies are considered legal while China has made them illegal. So it depends on your country whether you are compatible with this investment or not. You can purchase any cryptocurrency with money. The most popular and suggested cryptocurrency by us is Brocoin because you are not going to regret this. You just need a wallet on the online app for buying coins. 

Advantages of investing in Cryptocurrencies:

Cryptocurrencies have lots of advantages. Let’s discuss some of them; 

  • Transparency:

Every transaction is recorded in blockchain technology. You cannot change the transactions when they are confirmed once. These transactions are verified at any step and they cannot be scammed or hacked. 

  • 24/7 accessibility:

You can do transactions anywhere and at any time. It doesn’t matter what you are doing or where are you. The important thing is an internet connection. Moreover, our source of cryptocurrency which is Brocoin is the fastest and easiest way to exchange currency across the whole globe. 

  • Complete control:

You have complete control over your amounts of transactions, funds transfers and everything is kept to be anonymous. The transacted amount is kept to be independent of the individual identification or the party identification. Your private information is not made public and this stops any type of fraud and money robbery. Plus you do not have to rely on a bank or other sources to do a transaction. 

  • Significant potential for appreciation:

The biggest advantage of getting attracted to investment in cryptocurrencies is that it provides you a great room for having profit, growth, and appreciation in the market. Many analysts and profit makers feel passionate to work in this domain to achieve huge profits. All the traders should know that cryptocurrencies that are lesser-known and smaller can have a bigger impact. They can become widely used shortly. But remember one thing, you cannot make guarantees in this world of coins. 

Disadvantages of investing in cryptocurrencies:

Every coin has two sides. If investing in cryptocurrencies has advantages then it has disadvantages too. Let’s see them now so that you may filter properly that either you are ready for this process or not. 

  • Lost bitcoins cannot be recovered:

These cryptocurrencies only exist in a digital wallet and they are stored in digital forms only. You can access these digital wallets through your private key access. When you are keeping accounts in traditional accounts, you can take them back at any time if your account is not working properly but here is not that case. Cryptocurrencies are not retrieve-able if there is no central authority figure. If you lose your key then this will cost you to permanently lose your coins too. 

  • Market fluctuations:

Like any other market, the cryptocurrency market is also subjected to changes in market prices. Crypto-market is recognized for its volatility. You have to show a long-term commitment with your investments because any time investments can become at the infancy stage. 

  • It might be difficult:

You may find it difficult to understand as it is a decentralized financial system with blockchain technology. Investors who are unaware of current technology workings may get serious issues in understanding its process. Most potential crypto investors avoid this profit process because of poor understanding. 

You must be thinking that what you should do now. But the advantages are overcoming the disadvantages. You should try it especially when brocoin is here to help you. Everything depends on your intentions and the struggle to have profit in your life with cryptocurrencies and Brocoin

Brocoin Core Team :

Mr Sandeep Kumar Khari (Founder)

Mr Arun Dedha (Advisor & Seed Investor)

Mr Ayush Basist ( Lead Developer)

Siddharth Bhardwaj

Web wallet API Developer