The Fastest Way to Level Cap in WoTLK

The Fastest Way to Level Cap in WoTLK

Faisalabad, Pakistan — If there’s one thing on the minds of those planning to play WoTLK, it’s how long is it going to take to get from 70 to 80? And the reason it’s on people’s minds is because you would likely have to book enough time off work to get to lvl 80. But not only that, you also need to get your reputations done, get pre-raid BiS. Before you go back to work, you’ll also want to get at least one raid done. So, if you are digging around like everyone else, looking for the fastest way to get all the things that you want, like the WoW WoTLK legendaries and other stuff.

Surely, the sheer amount of time that people have spent on private servers just getting ready and stacking up quests ready for lvl 71 back then tells us that players are better prepared to do this in the classic version. But let’s turn to an interview with a person who has managed to reach lvl 80 in the 27 hours since the EU servers went live with the original WoTLK expansion. The way that gamers managed to pull it off is by finding the one spot in the entire expansion where mobs respawn every 30 seconds, which obviously minimizes the downtime. Then that guy would spend 27 hours grinding them. But that wouldn’t be possible without help. Our hero was helped by a healer who did nothing but heal our guy, and for doing so, the healer received 0 EXP for his work. That’s one way to do this. Something like that can be done today with the help of paid Lich King carry – a kind of service which we will talk about later.

The Amount of Time You’ll Spend

For the average gamer, it will boil down to farming dungeons or completing questlines. Assuming that, we’re looking at 4 hours per level at a minimum. That’s 40 hours to get from 70 to 80, assuming you have a character with such a level. It isn’t quick. Keep in mind that we’re not including a collection of WoW Lich King transmog sets and other side-activities that players like to do to add some variety to their gameplay. It’s going to take 60 or 70 hours for people who are mixing leveling with fun stuff like collecting the Lich King arena set or just doing any PvP in the game, since it doesn’t really help you lvl up your char.

The absolute-quickest way to speedrun to max lvl is what that guy did from the interview we previously mentioned. Essentially, you’ll want to find zones where mobs spawn as quickly as possible and just farm them non-stop. Some gamers will have rotation routes between a multitude of such zones planned out. And just to help you realize how serious people are about it—nobody will want to share their routes if you ask them.

Because who wants competition? So, if you thought that Lich King battlegear would be hard to obtain, you now see that this is not the case. It’s also worth noting that different classes have specific methods for leveling. For instance, mages have mage boosting, a method that involves using ranged AoE abilities that this class is known for. There are also various techniques for running dungeons solo, which grant you a quest-size amount of EXP every 2-3 minutes. Different classes have different WoW WoTLK dps rankings. This is also something to consider.

EXP Sources and Their Influencing Factors

Another thing to keep in mind is the amount of EXP rewarded for completing quests vs. other sources, such as completing dungeons either solo or in a group using the Lich King carry service. Other factors that absolutely will affect your EXP income are the size of locations, the server population, and even server down times. A great example of how these things will make a difference is the simple fact that the first couple of starting locations in WoTLK are small enough that even on a medium-sized server there’ll be fierce competition for mobs and quests. You won’t see lines of people wanting to talk to the quest giver, but there’ll certainly be more players on the farm spots than mobs. In this scenario, the Lich King battlegear boost would be a great help. The gear in the game is scarce and the gear progression is way too slow to accommodate the pace of lvling.

Across all zones, there will be competition for quests. But even saying that, the amount of quest EXP you will get and from the mob kills, provided that you have free reign to actually go out and quest, you will lvl up faster than in dungeons. Assuming how many people will be playing the Classic version, the competition will be strong. If that’s the case, what is the fastest way to lvl up? Obviously, it’s to start preparing right now and have a full quest log and items to start questing in the upcoming version. The mob grinding is the fastest way. The second fastest way is questing (when uncontested). The third fastest way is dungeon farming. Do not waste your time on expanding your Lich King transmog collection or anything else before you reach the max lvl.

Start Planning Today!

You need to know where to go and grind as soon as you get to where no one else is going to go, even if it means going straight into Grizzly Hills or Dragon Blight or any other specific area that you pre-planned in advance. You head straight there and you mob grind for one to two levels. Then you go back and do the zones that you skipped once most people have moved on from there. You have to remember that, depending on the launch time wherever you are, if you give it 8-20 hours, those first zones are going to start to quiet down. They’re not going to be dead for weeks, but they will quiet down. So, you’ll be able to go back to get behind the curve rather than ahead of the curve. Or get a dungeon group together and go smash loads of dungeons, and then you get behind again. Once you get to a point where you have 2-3 levels from dungeons and you feel bored, you can go back into the zones and do some questing to get some WoW Lich King gear and EXP.

To some of you, this might sound like a handful, and let’s be honest — it is. Not everyone of us is prepared to get crazy planning their leveling routes and calculating equations with all the different factors that will affect their EXP gain. What is there to do for those who still want to reach the max lvl but have no time to plan or free time to play 10 hours a day? WoW WoTLK Classic has this effect on people-a lot of fans will return for this one. We might even see numbers close to those that were associated with the release of the first vanilla Classic. This means that there’s no way that someone can get away with playing for a couple of hours after work and be on the same lvl as everyone else. That’s why many gamers will seek out 3rd party lich king boost services.

There are many benefits to using some sort of Lich King service, such as:

  • There’s a service for any need and an in-game goal.
  • You can hire professional gamers who will help you achieve your goals.
  • You will save a lot of time you would otherwise waste doing something over and over again.

However, not every WoW WoTLK service can be trusted. If you are willing to consider using a 3rd party service, you must find the one that has the highest reputation and a lot of experience in the market. But once you find your provider of wow WoTLK boosting service, there is going to be nothing that you can’t achieve.

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