The Chino Car Accident Lawyer With A 100-Year Family Tradition of Local Justice

Chino, CA, Justin King – from The Law Offices of Justin H. King – is carrying on a tradition in his family that has lasted now for nearly 100 years. That tradition is providing justice to Inland Empire residents. In fact, he is joined at his firm by his two brothers Oliver and Jonathan, all of whom come from the same legal lineage: their parents were both well-known lawyers who became local judges, and their grandfather was called “The Greatest Lawyer in San Bernardino County History” by local bar associations. After all, he died while giving closing arguments in a trial.

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“Growing up, I don’t think my brothers and I realized just how much we were absorbing as we watched our parents go about their lives as lawyers and judges. But looking back now, we can all see that it had quite an effect, a positive effect, on us. Conversations about the law and ensuring justice for clients was always the topic of conversation around our dinner table,” said Justin King.

Today, the King brothers are all lawyers from prestigious law schools and they all share a common passion: pursuing justice for injury victims in the Inland Empire.

According to Justin King, “being severely injured because of someone else’s carelessness has a huge financial impact on the victim. And despite the way they portray themselves in commercials, insurance companies are not on the injury victim’s side when it comes time to pay what is fair. This causes victims to feel even further anxious, depressed, and isolated. But no one should have to pay for someone else’s mistake. So my brothers and I have equipped ourselves with the best strategies and tactics for helping injury victims get the compensation they deserve and need so they can get back to living their lives.”

Without the aid of a skilled personal injury attorney, injury victims often feel ignored or bullied by insurance companies. On their own, victims often also have a difficult time providing fault and liability of the offending party. And worse, they are seldom fully compensated.

That’s why the The Law Offices of Justin H. King are focused on helping injury victims in three primary ways: 1.) getting full financial compensation, 2.) gaining peace of mind, and 3.) getting back to thriving in a happy and healthy life.

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