The Benefits Of Custom Window Treatments

NASHVILLE, TN – Those who live in Nashville are not strangers to the summer sun and sweltering heat followed almost immediately by the bitter cold. Custom window treatments, including blinds, roller shades, and draperies, are an excellent investment that help to regulate a home’s temperature and light elements while adding an aesthetic appeal that store-bought shades simply can’t match. But why? Nashville-based 7.0 Blinds & Shutters explains why and exposes some of the main benefits of choosing custom over cookie-cutter.

7.0 Blinds & Shutters has been serving the custom window treatment needs of Nashville for the last four decades. During that time, representatives from the company note that one of the most common questions they are asked is, “Are custom blinds, roller shades, and other window treatments better than store-bought?” The short answer is yes.

According to 7.0 Blinds & Shutters, store-bought window treatments have one perk that homeowners can’t get when ordering custom. This is that they can be picked up at the hardware or department store and installed right out of the box. While this convenience might be tempting, off-the-shelf products have many drawbacks. First, they are likely not as high of quality as a custom-made set of blinds, roller shades, or draperies. Further, as they are not made for a specific window, they may be slightly too large or too small, which can reduce their effectiveness significantly.

Custom window shades, by contrast, are made for a specific window, not just one that is “about X size.” They are custom tailored to height, shape, and size. This ensures that light is fully blocked and that the window treatment won’t hang well past the window ledge, increasing its chances of being damaged or accidentally pulled off.

For homeowners concerned about the aesthetic appeal, there is no match to custom window treatments. Those looking for shutters, for example, are limited to in-stock availability at the hardware store. The same goes for draperies and other types of interior window treatment. This can leave a home looking like the one next door. Custom window treatments are exactly that: custom. They are made with colors, finishes, materials, and craftsmanship not found in bulk products.

Another significant benefit of custom window treatments is that they are more durable and will last longer than a store-bought option. While it’s true that made-to-order window treatments may have a heftier price tag than those found on the store shelf, they can last for decades. These are an investment that, over time, is significantly less expensive than replacing poor-quality products multiple times over the course of several years.

Window treatments also go a long way toward reducing UV light damage. Those with expensive furniture, carpet, or artwork understand the risks involved in too much natural light, which can color-fade these pieces. Window treatments significantly reduce the amount of light penetrating a home and reduce sun bleaching and UV damage.

Ultimately, homeowners striving for a truly unique look and feel should spend the time and money on custom window treatments. Although more expensive and not as quick to install as what’s found in the store, these are beautiful, long-lasting, and a better value. They are easier to clean, resistant to temperature changes, and custom fit to block out heat and light so that a homeowner can enjoy their home on their terms.

7.0 Blinds & Shutters is a proud supplier of the Comfortex Window Fashions’ Color Lux Collection. For more information on luxurious yet affordable window coverings, including blinds, draperies, roller shades, shutters, and more, visit the website at

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