The 5 Ultimate Home Projects for The Season

What can you do with oranges, bottle brushes and LED lights?

The start of every new year marks a fresh start everywhere; including your homes. The festive season, is the perfect chance to create your very own picture-perfect winter wonderland. As the temperatures drop, and families get together; a Dubai-based vacation rental company – Deluxe Holiday Homes has compiled a list of DIY projects to make that warmth reflect in your home.

1.DIY Dried Citrus Christmas Garland

Although you can repurpose your entire home with lovely centrepieces, gorgeous lighting and festive staples – when it comes to the kitchen, some are at a loss. This DIY Christmas Garland, is a simple take, on how to spruce up the space at an inexpensive rate. All you need are some dried citrus pieces and artificial grass garlands.

Check out this festive-perfect guide to creating your own here.

2. Stencil Wall Art

When it comes creating a personalized space, blank walls are just not the way to go. If art is too expensive of an option, these DIY ideas, are just the perfect excuse to fill up those walls. Art lovers can turn this up another notch, and get this extremely effective set of stencils now available on Amazon.

For art ideas and more, check out.

3. Your very own Faux Fireplace

Considering that the build of most cityside apartments and homes, don’t support mantels or a fireplace – this DIY page has come up with a solution.  For a low effort and trendy faux fireplace – all you’ll need are LED lights and a couple of lightweight plastic logs.

Check out this guide for some impressive ways to decorate your living rooms as well as patios with it.

4. Ombre Bottle Brush

These striking bottlebrush trees not only make for great centrepieces, but also a lovely addition to consoles and w indow sills. With a fairly simple process, you can now create a striking blend of colours and replicate mini-Christmas trees. Better yet, this is great activity for young children to decorate and play around.

Modern Glam’s step by step guide, is our inspiration – check it out and get started ASAP!

5. Pumpkin Candle Holders

You can never go wrong with candles! These candle holders are here with a slight twist – making it the perfect addition to your dinner table. The hues of orange and yellow are an amazing way to liven the place up, while also adding a festive-touch to your scenery.

Guests can now even pick season special candles be it Christmas or New Years Eve from the local IKEA store. For a complete tutorial, click here.

The season’s approach no doubt a period of nostalgia and affectionate gatherings. Building your DIY project can be a great way to get some quality time down. Alternatively, changing the scenario altogether could also help signify the fresh start ahead. If you’re a resident of Dubai or plan on taking a trip for the season across exotic family-friendly homes, be sure to check out Deluxe Holiday Homes exclusive selection running all year round.