The 5 Golden Rules of throwing Aussie BBQ Party

Summer is around the corner in Australia, and it’s already there in some states. As you know, Australians love BBQ parties during summer.

Do you know the rules for throwing BBQ parties? The use of sous vide meat will make it more delicious. The perfect choice of food, the right vibe, and the best grill are the ingredients that can make your backyard party special.

We will discuss a few essential rules to follow while throwing an Aussie BBQ.

Let’s get started.

#1: Choose the right product

We will discuss a few crucial things you need to consider while buying a BBQ. First, make sure to check every detail, including available space in your backyard. The large size of the gas hooded will be the best for home baking or roasting.

However, a smaller burner would be enough for grilling at BBQ parties in the limited space backyard. Also, don’t forget to get sous vide meat to make the perfect BBQ. 

#2: Decide the prime position

After selecting the proper BBQ, it’s time to choose the perfect place to keep it. A well-ventilated spot would be the best idea. If you’re an Australian, you must have an idea that huddling around the BBQ for friendly conversations or sharing a cold beer drink is the part of these parties.

So keep this in mind while placing the BBQ. First, ensure that it is not too far from the party.

#3: Don’t grill on High flames

Many Australians make this mistake while barbecuing. In excitement, they grill the meat on high flames. As a result, meat is charred from the outside while raw from the inside, so wait for a while. We tell you a rule here, so next time when you grill, you don’t make this mistake.

Hold your hands for 12cms above the grill and record how long you can place your hand there. If it is not more than 2 seconds, the fire is hot. If it’s 5 seconds, it is moderate, while above 6 seconds is super low. Make sure you don’t grill on super hot or low heat. Keep it in the medium, so it comes out savoury.

#4: Marinate meat wisely

It is a fact that marinating in advance for almost two hours before the whole process is wise. It’ll allow the meat to absorb all flavours properly. There are several kinds of meat you can arrange for BBQ. However, if you want to create an impression on the guest, go with the sous vide meat. You can order it directly from the Sous Vide Meats contractor in Australia.

Make sure you don’t marinate the meat for so long because the ingredients have alcohol or are acidic, making the meat tough.

#5: Give an Australian look

Whenever you decide to throw an authentic Australian party, decorate your backyard with a look of Aussie culture. For example, you can use Australian flags or banners hanging from the timbers. And yes, don’t forget to add Australian beer and wine.


During summer, Australians love to throw BBQ parties. With the Sous Vide Meats, you can make your party more successful. We have mentioned a few rules of barbecuing in this article. Make sure to check them to avoid any problems on the day of the event. Some of the essential rules are choosing the best griller, prime location, wisely marinating the meat and decorating your backyard keeping Australian culture in mind.

If you’re planning to throw a BBQ party, then you should contact Garratts Catering, which is based in Australia, to take care of your party arrangement by calling (02) 9624 1998.