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The 5 Best Cryptocurrencies Under $1 USD

Are you willing to try yourself in crypto? Well, investing in the leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or even Ethereum is not something everybody can afford. And there is no need to do so! There are several projects where cryptocurrency costs under 1 USD that offer immense opportunities. All you need to know is what those cryptocurrencies are. So, here we go, with the best cryptocurrencies under 1 USD. 


Now, everybody is speaking about Cardano. Just a couple of months its value was below 1 USD, now, it is around 1.50-1.80 USD. Do you know what it means? The coin value is growing constantly. The forecasts are shown to be accurate. So, quickly open any reliable cryptocurrency converter and grasp some ADA coins until the coin becomes too expensive!


It is a coin with one of the strongest communities over the network. The current price of the coin is around 0.000004, but the trading volume is more than 16,000,000 USD which is a lot. We do not insist that Safemoon is among the best options for long-term investment but for day trading this Defi project token is just perfect. Considering the immensely low price of the coin, one needs to trade huge volumes to get a significant profit. Our exchange Safemoon provides the needed opportunities to trade without limits.

Stellar Lumens

For now, one XLM costs around 0.5 USD. Considering the potential of the project, the cryptocurrency might be good for long-term investment. Its initial aim was to include in the finance the unbanked population layers all around the world. With time, the project switched to helping financial companies to connect via blockchain.

Basic Attention Token

This project is aimed at the proper regulation and security in the field of entertainment. It is known that in the entertainment industry, many problems exist connected with fraud, authorship, and similar. So, Basic Attention Token was created to regulate the industry and create a proper environment for people of art. Now, the token price is around 0.80 USD and is moving up. Considering the project uniqueness and the addressing to a real issue, the BAT token might be good to invest into it long-term. 


The Theta coin price is around 0.34 USD. The Theta project is aimed at the decentralization of video streaming, data delivery, edge computing, data delivery services. It is meant to make such services more efficient, qualitative, and incomparably cheaper than those services are provided now. The Theta project runs on its native blockchain and is powered by two native tokens – Theta and Theta Fuel.

With the growth of interest in entertainment and data, the coin price started to grow. Considering the current trends, Theta might be a good option for middle-term or long term investments. 

Bottom Line

Even if you don`t have a lot of money, you still have an opportunity to invest profitably into cryptocurrency. What crypto to invest in? It depends on your aims. If you want to daytrade, choose something with drastic and rapid price fluctuations. If your aim is to invest long-term, choose a project with potential. 

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