Texas Rustic-Style Solid-Wood Home Accessories For Airbnb Interiors Launched

The newly released home accessories and furniture collections are created for rustic domestic interior designs that can be used to furnish Airbnb homes. The furnishings cover many different styles, from Farmhouse and Traditional to Cabana and Slate.

More details can be found at https://www.rusticsforless.com

With these new collections, the manufacturers at Rustic For Less present interior designers and vacationers with rustic furniture styles that are both practical and aesthetically appealing. The rustic style is especially suitable for Texas homes, given the state’s ranching and cowboy culture.

Rustics For Less’s solid-wood, farmhouse-style furniture and home accessories collections accord with several anticipated Texas interior design trends. Some of these trends include the open concept for a modern, minimalist feel; cozy spaces featuring practical furniture and comfortable materials; and a “rustic and natural” look that emphasizes natural elements and materials.

For those interior designers who prefer more traditional, ranch-themed decor for their Texas Airbnb home, Rustics For Less’s home accessories collection offers a variety of items. These include several styles of faux cowhide rugs; modern farmhouse clocks; cowboy- and Southwest-themed wall art; faux cowhide, horse-themed, and earth-toned pillows; and solid-wood kitchen accessories, among others.

The company’s furniture collections support all the above-mentioned trends. Consumers can choose from living room and dining room pieces in the Farmhouse or Cabana Collections to create a clean and minimalist, yet warm and rural feel. Many of these pieces are made out of solid pinewood with a white finish and minimal flourishes, giving them a simple, rough-hewn appearance. They can be used to accent both open, uncluttered spaces and more cozy, dynamic ones.

Rustics For Less has been in the home furniture business since 2007. Their solid-wood pieces are finished with multiple processes to give them their distinctive color. The company delivers locally to El Paso, Texas homes and ships throughout Texas and the continental US.

A satisfied customer has said: “I purchased the Texas Chair to go with the Santa Rita Table. The chairs go nicely with the table, and they complete the dining set I’ve been looking for. I’m very happy with my purchase.”

Interested parties can find more details at https://www.rusticsforless.com/collections/decor-accessories-collection

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