Techstars Tulsa Announces Successful Completion of its First Program

The accelerator introduces members of the 2022 inaugural class – the #Tulsa12

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States, 7th Dec 2022 – Techstars Tulsa has announced the completion of its inaugural class after 3 months of intensive programming and rapid scaling for these tech startups. Dubbed the #Tulsa12, this is also the first class in Techstars’ history with all Black CEOs. The historical significance of this achievement is underscored by the location of the Techstars Tulsa office. This office is just steps from the Greenwood District, also known as Black Wall Street. 

Techstars is a top-tier global accelerator and investment firm with over 50 programs around the world. The accelerator has made over 3000 investments to date and raised over $24 billion collectively through its portfolio companies. Techstars Tulsa applicants go through a thorough screening process. From dozens of applicants, 12 of the most promising startups from around the country are invited to join the program. 

Once accepted, startups benefit from accelerated progress through an intense 13-week program. Startups in the program also have access to a large mentor, alumni, and investor network. 

“The way Techstars has helped my business is really through the power of the network,” says Talisha White of Shopl (a member of the #Tulsa12). Workbnb CEO Yeves Perez states, “The experience has just accelerated everything about our business.”

Techstars is the latest organization to join the Tulsa startup ecosystem with the goal of helping rebuild Black Wall Street. The accelerator is also committed to establishing the city as a tech hub in the Midwest. The first program concluded with a demo day on November 3, 2022. Applications for the next class are currently open until February 1, 2023, for the program starting in May.

More about the companies in the #Tulsa12:

CASSIE  | Serving building owners and facilities managers who care about the air quality inside their buildings, CASSIE provides software to monitor air quality. CASSIE also has a patented hardware solution that filters air with energy-efficient IR instead of UV radiation, which actually makes air quality worse.

Groovv  | Serving investment advisors and employers of independent contractors/gig workers, Groovv offers a wealth management-as-a-service platform. This allows 1,099 workers to easily build wealth and contribute to their retirement.

human  | Serving sales professionals, recruiters, and people looking for a romantic partner, human uses AI and online behavior to build an accurate profile. This AI-backed profile helps people find their person.

KEXY  | Serving brands and distributors, KEXY is a sales and inventory management system that uses machine learning to help clients save time and increase sales. To this end, the platform predicts inventory levels and alerts users to optimal sales opportunities.

Lerch  | Serving vendors and attendees at live events, Lerch is a mobile ordering and wayfinding app that helps eliminate lines. The app also improves the customer experience and increases sales.

NGHBR  | Serving busy professionals and recruiters looking to grow their professional networks, NGHBR is a super connector and social map. NGHBR helps you connect globally but meet locally.

Plannly  | Serving HR professionals and employers who value their employees’ well-being, Plannly is an adaptive wellness benefits platform. It is built for enterprises and uses dynamic assessments to recommend benefits when they’re needed. This helps increase employee productivity and employer ROI.

Shopl  | Serving frequent online shoppers, Shopl is a universal shopping cart that makes checkout fast, easy, and frictionless. Shopl achieves this by allowing users to shop on thousands of different websites, add products to their Shopl cart, and checkout once.

Socialpreneur  | Serving parents and educators to want to enable their kids to become financially independent, Socialpreneur is an ideal online education and e-commerce platform. Socialpreneur teaches students about entrepreneurship while they actually build their online businesses.

Squadtrip  | Serving people who host or plan group trips, Squadtrip is an e-commerce platform that provides a turnkey solution for travel businesses. With Squadtrip, businesses and individuals can plan group trips seamlessly or access everything required to set up an online group travel business in minutes. 

Weku  | Serving property owners and organizations with net zero commitments, Weku is a distributed energy and renewable energy credit marketplace. This marketplace stabilizes and lowers consumers’ energy bills with no upfront cost, and allows organizations to offset their carbon footprint.

Workbnb  | Serving rental operators and companies who employ remote workers, workers who travel frequently, or digital nomads, Workbnb is an ideal short-term rental marketplace. Workbnb creates a better booking experience for companies and a better stay for traveling workers.

The Techstars Tulsa accelerator is uniquely positioned to support underrepresented founders and give them access to resources they cannot find elsewhere. The #Tulsa12 cohort has demonstrated that, with the right network, founders who struggle to find support in other startup ecosystems can actually change the world.

About the Techstars Tulsa Accelerator

Techstars Tulsa accelerator is an industry-agnostic tech startup accelerator in Tulsa that helps underrepresented founders scale their businesses successfully. This accelerator provides startup founders with access to funding, one-on-one mentorship, and curated programming for scaling early-stage startups. Founders who struggle to get support in other startup ecosystems can find the network and support they need in the Techstars Tulsa accelerator.

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