TebCan Helps to Improve Jordanian’s Health the Easier and Affordable Way

If we are talking about a world-class healthcare system, Jordan’s healthcare system is sure to be included in the list. Ranked number one health care provider in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Region by the World Bank organization, the quality of healthcare that they provided is very high. This is vouched for by a number of domestic and international accreditations that most hospitals have earned throughout the years, may it be in the public or the private sector. Add to that are all the remarkable achievements their healthcare services have garnered in the past forty years such as being the first middle eastern country to perform open-heart surgery, laparoscopic surgery, heart, kidney, liver, and bone marrow transplants among others. Also compared to western countries, the prices for their medical services are often 10-30% lower making it one of the alternative choices by patients coming from abroad.

But behind all its accreditation anarchies specially coming from the international governing bodies, it is sad to know that not every Jordanian is able to access its world-class health services. Most of the time, the reason for this problem lies in the economic capability of the individual. Although the number is quite small compared to other middle eastern countries, it is still ironic to imagine that the internationally acclaimed healthcare system created for Jordanians is now being enjoyed by other nationalities while some Jordanians themselves struggle to find ways to experience it.

Although there is national health insurance provided by the government to help them with their medical needs, still some families are having a hard time coping with the situation they are at that they are still looking for other alternatives to have a more accessible and cheaper way of accessing medical attention without compromising the quality of its services and that is where Tebcan comes to the table.

Tebcan is a digital medical and health booking platform that aims to impact and improve the lives of patients by ensuring that they will have an access to adequate improved and affordable healthcare wherever they are I. Jordan. They have a wide range of networks from outstanding medical service providers, may it be the doctors, clinics and hospitals, pharmacies, and medical insurance companies to make sure that you will be provided with quality medical service regardless of the persons and institutions you end up with choosing. With a wide area of doctors from different fields of medicine such as dentists,  dermatologists, gynecologists, diabetologist and endocrinologist to name a few, clinics, and diagnosis centers you won’t be having a hard time looking for the right specialist to tackle your current medical condition. Even if you are far from the clinic or hospital that you chose, conducting a medical consultation is still possible as long as you have an internet connection with their teleconference consultation. Booking for appointments at your preferred hospitals and clinics is also made easier and more accessible with their online booking. Lastly and most important, because of the large number of doctors, hospitals, and other facilities affiliated with TebCan, you can choose the doctors, hospitals, or other medical facilities that can suit your budget. With TebCan’s platform, having an access to Jordan’s excellent medical services is truly attainable, especially to Jordanians who needed it the most.