TCS Property Management Announces Rental Property Platform In Murfreesboro

TCS Property Management introduces its tech-enabled service in the wider Murfreesboro region, designed to improve efficiency for local landlords. The company’s tenant portal allows for real-time communication with staff, electronic rental payments, and maintenance requests.

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The recent move follows the successful rollout of TCS Property Management’s technology in several other regions, including Clarksville, Gatlinburg, and Chattanooga. The firm’s portal can also be accessed by landlords, offering them the ability to monitor rental properties from any location.

TCS Property Management developed its new technology in an effort to streamline processes and reduce the overheads associated with professional management services. As such services can directly impact the profitability of rental property owners, the company is seeking new and innovative ways of being more efficient, while also retaining high service standards.

The recently introduced technology has been integrated with TCS’ extensive preferred supplier network, allowing for 27/4 emergency maintenance call-outs in the wider Murfreesboro district. Breakages or equipment failure can represent a significant expense for property owners, and the ability to respond in a timely manner was central to the new system’s development.

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As high tenant turnover rates can also negatively impact landlords’ income, TCS Property Management’s new portal was also designed to improve tenant satisfaction rates. Residents have the ability to communicate in real time and on any device, and faster maintenance response times are also expected to address a common cause for complaint.

The recently enhanced services are available for all types of residential rental property, including single-family homes, condos, townhomes, and multifamily HOAs. Following the rollout of its new technology in Pennsylvania, TCS Property Management was recognized as one of the “Best Property Management Companies In Philadelphia” as part of’s 2022 designations.

Owners of local rental properties can discuss the latest options through the firm’s Tennessee regional office, or its corporate headquarters in Philadelphia. The company also offers professional consultancy for landlords who wish to expand their property portfolio.

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