Taylor Mitchell is making the digital industry easier for investors and project holders

NFTs have rapidly increased in popularity over the past years. Not only have individual investors started to trade this new financial instrument heavily, but also major corporations are joining this new wave. According to Bloomberg, the Metaverse may become an $800 million industry, and several NFT projects are working to become leaders in the space. NFTs are so new that there are currently few tools available to investors to make intelligent financial decisions.
Taylor Mitchell looks to solve this problem by offering an exclusive all-in-one package for NFT investors with ultra-high utility designed by mathematicians and quants.

Born on December 10th 1994 in the United States, Taylor Mitchell is a 27 years old entrepreneur from California who’s also known for being a Cryptocurrency content creator and NFT project manager. She has been investing in the industry since 2017 and creating content full time since January 2021. She felt that the industry was really lacking a female’s voice & vision, and wanted to share my perspective on the space. As someone who has been investing in Crypto since 2017, she saw a lot of people came in unprepared and often lost a lot of money. She wanted to help keep that from happening. She started her NFT project to address the concern head-on the NFTs were bad for the environment.

Taylor got skilled at it and started training other people with their business and investments. When she started her business, she faced a lot of hardships. Even the people closest to her did not support her but, Mitchell did not give up. And with hard work and consistency, she achieved all of her financial goals and is still striving for more. With over 400K followers on TikTok, she shares educational videos there which can help anyone to make millions of dollars if listens carefully. Taylor has a unique approach of combining well-organized structures and processes with building strong relationships of trust and authenticity. She also shares quality content on different social media platforms which can easily educate anyone who desires to learn about the NFT industry.

It is a large path of sweat, effort, hard-working and a lot of time, there will be obstacles, even lack of support but after that, the glory and the acknowledgment are so gratifying. That’s why Taylor Mitchell gives, at her point of view one of the most important advices, do always what you love and be better on it.