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The newly updated Wevat app transforms time-consuming VAT refund document filing into a simple one-tap process that can be completed digitally at a Wevat-supported detaxe kiosk, with no passport required. Wevat delivers refunds at a rate 23 percent higher than what in-store refund providers in France offer and is available in 50 different currencies.

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Founders of Wevat say they wanted to create a trustworthy app that makes tax-free shopping in Europe paper-free and hassle-free. Updates to the app now give travelers the opportunity to instantly process VAT refunds from the security of their own phones without speaking with a customs agent or showing a passport.

The VAT, or value-added tax, is a supplemental fee charged to the sale of most goods and services in France.

While everyone is subject to the tax, non-EU residents are entitled to a VAT refund. To alleviate the inconvenience that comes with VAT refund documentation, Wevat has ushered in a three-step digital replacement of paper-heavy procedures to make generating refunds a one-and-done process.

The Wevat saves users 13 percent of the price of goods with a single transparent service fee and no foreign exchange fees. Purchases amounting to over EUR100 are eligible for VAT refund processing.

Travelers using Wevat will not encounter store restrictions, won’t be subject to repeated scanning, and can avoid filling out and dropping off refund documents. Instead, when users sign up for the app they’re required to complete their trip details and agree to the app’s T and Cs.

When shopping, users upload the invoices for their purchases which they can request upon payment of their goods.

The app automatically generates a digital refund form which can be scanned at any Wevat-supported departure points’ kiosk upon the traveler’s departure from France. Refunds will then be issued by bank transfer, credit card, Alipay or WeChat pay as directed by the user.

The app is available in 88 countries and can be downloaded at the Apple app store or Google Play.

Creators of Wevat say, “We are on a mission to bring both delight and convenience to international travelers shopping in Europe. Wevat offers you a tax-free shopping experience with an efficient and trustworthy digital solution and 24/7 customer-focused service that has revolutionized tax-free shopping on the go.”

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