Targeted Content Marketing For B2B Brand Awareness & Lead Gen: New Case Study

The new case study explains that Behind the Work helped Tideworks, a logistics technology provider, to improve lead generation by over 1,000%. This was achieved through establishing in-depth buyer personas and precisely targeted marketing campaigns.

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The case study shows how Tideworks had to navigate several complex challenges with its marketing approaches. Because it operates in a dense industry, it sought consistent, professional content to stand out and build a stronger brand.

In order to meet its goals, the company wanted a marketing partner who could produce content at scale while addressing the main customer pain points within the industry. The objectives included improving global SEO to rank higher on Google, establishing the business as a thought leader, and increasing web traffic consistency.

Through a combination of brand work and expert-led content marketing, Behind the Work was able to improve conversion for Tideworks. An average of 42% of leas became marketing-qualified, while 17% of those prospects became sales-qualified.

The marketing agency works with businesses of all sizes to provide strategy and consulting sessions, search engine optimization, and digital paid advertising campaigns. Alongside this, the team offers tailored content marketing to capture audience attention and increase engagement across channels.

Businesses can also use HubSpot automation services to attract and retain customers, and grow their audience through more finely targeted outreach and broadcasts.

As a full-service marketing agency, Behind the Work specializes in a variety of solutions focused on driving more leads and building brand awareness for clients. The Tideworks case study is part of a growing library showcasing the success the Behind the Work team has had working with clients in multiple industries.

A spokesperson for Behind the Work states: “Behind the Work proposed a strategy based on building narrow campaigns around certain high-value products offered by Tideworks and the specific ways they function to solve everyday problems. Even in light of the COVID-19 pandemic that shuttered port operations worldwide, Tideworks’ goals were still comfortably exceeded because they continued to position their content in ways that attracted organic attention from their target personas.”

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