Tangelo – Green Lake Chiropractor + Rehab, A Seattle Chiropractor, Enhances Patients’ Wellness Journey

Seattle, WA – Tangelo – Green Lake Chiropractor + Rehab, a hybrid clinic offering top-notch chiropractic and rehabilitation services, is proud to announce its continued growth and commitment to world-class patient care. Since its foundation in 2010, the one-of-a-kind health & wellness center has achieved an impressive track record, spanning nearly a decade and a half of providing high-quality services to patients from Seattle, WA, and its environs. “I can’t say enough great things about Tangelo. When I first started having chronic issues with my back and shoulders, a traditional chiropractor just made it worse. The docs and staff at Tangelo actually helped me recover and feel like my old self again,” reviewed one impressed patient.

Tangelo – Green Lake Chiropractor +Rehab’s success can be attributed to its highly qualified staff and advanced medical equipment that guarantees excellent patient care. With a focus on individualized treatments to ensure that each patient realizes their health and wellness objectives, the clinic’s treatment providers monitor each patient’s recovery progress closely and adjust treatments accordingly. They even go above and beyond to make follow-ups after recovery, offering practical tips that patients can use to maintain optimal health conditions for the long haul.

For those seeking a top-rated Seattle chiropractor, Tangelo – Green Lake Chiropractor + Rehab is the ideal choice for exceptional care. Their commitment to providing world-class patient care is demonstrated through their utilization of both time-tested treatment approaches and emerging, innovative functional rehabilitation therapies. The hybrid treatment approach is now famously known as the Tangelo method, after the clinic’s name. The clinic’s dedicated treatment providers focus on helping patients recover fast after sustaining injuries while minimizing re-injury risks. Additionally, they pay particular attention to assisting patients to alleviate pain and recover lost or impeded bodily functions such as limited mobility range.

Tangelo – Green Lake Chiropractor + Rehab partners with other like-minded health and fitness facilities to improve outreach and service delivery. Keen to accommodate all patients, the clinic offers a variety of treatment options, including but not limited to manual therapy + movement, the Graston technique, the active release technique, and kinesiology taping. These treatments can alleviate a host of pain conditions, including but not limited to knee, lower & upper back, and neck pains, and are increasingly popular among athletes.

The manual therapy + movement service is designed to retrain patients with habitual poor movement patterns or postures. The Graston technique is used to hasten recovery and break down scar tissue and muscle fascia restrictions. The active release technique improves muscular movement and range of motion by releasing trapped nerves and blood vessels. Kinesiology taping is used to improve blood flow. Seattle residents will be happy to know that Tangelo – Green Lake Chiropractor +Rehab is now open to patients of different ages. The clinic is committed to providing its patients with the highest level of care and service, and its impressive track record spanning nearly a decade and a half of providing high-quality services is a testament to its dedication to world-class patient care.

Visit Tangelo – Green Lake Chiropractor + Rehab’s website for more information about its treatment options. Individuals can contact one of its representatives at (206) 522-6240 for queries or appointment scheduling. The clinic is located at 7116 Woodlawn Ave NE, Seattle, WA, 98115, USA.

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