Bryant: “The Man who sees Golden Talent before the World Does”

Bryant Molina, an introvert by nature with an aptitude for learning new things, slowly paced his way and developed a remarkable personality that attracted many extraordinary and innovative people around the world. A shy kid from Los Angeles with dreams to soar high in the sky and to reach the depth of the ocean and the earth packed his bags without any plans. One of the remarkable things about him was that he Able to put himself in daring and challenging experiences around the world. With limited resources and income Bryant was self assured that everything will turn out just fine and that he can make a name for himself and be respected for what he will do. He yearned for companionship but there is a saying that man himself is his best companion, so Bryant embarked on a journey to discover extraordinary elements of nature, mankind and most importantly to discover himself. He immersed himself into the unknown and what came out is what is known to many as Bryant Goodlife.

Restrictions were many so were the challenges. Faced to both praise and criticism by his family & friends Bryant channelized his inner thoughts to stand strong on his dreams and beliefs. He struck many deals with his capability of excellent communication skills and little by little filled the hourglass of his life from the grain of sand of experience. It all started in the world famous island of Croatia where he became recognized by the locals as the captain of Hvar. He even appeared on the German Television Prosieben where he was enjoying the beautiful and exciting party lifestyle with the rich and famous on the island. The journey did not end there, with goodness and soul touching moments comes a time where one has to face struggles of the same benefactor.

He kept traveling with one particular after the other, as in to say his newly profound thoughts of thinking and seeing things that were once blur kept crossing his mind, refusing to go, telling him to do more, to help, to contribute. He travelled to Bali and threw events for youtubers and Entrepreneurs before it became a hotspot. He stumbled upon becoming a Producer for Sony Music Germany featuring Lucas and Tim wehrle – the twin brothers. He carried on and reached Barcelona where he quickly fell into the socialite scene and connected with Artist Mark Rios a.k.a Mr Dripping. The shell covering him slowly perished and now he started his new journey as Art scene broker, collector and curator consulting with artists and highly successful entrepreneurs. Becoming an adviser to some of the youngest Award winning Entrepreneurs such as Dan Vas, Mike Touzard, Andrew James, Stephen Esposito and Matt Skelcher to name a few. The legacy that continues on his instagram on his instagram @BryantGoodlife or for more details see his website.

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