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How To Analyze Website Ranking for Any Industry

The most intrinsic thing about website analysis and digital marketing is continuous research. Every business owner and SEO consultant needs to keep a tab on their competitor’s websites and closely follow their strategy and overall website position.

Keeping a close watch on competitors will help entrepreneurs understand where they are going wrong and where they are moving ahead. While website owners need to spend a lot of money on day-to-day business-related expenditures, they can also comprehend website ranking for any industry by using free digital marketing tools online.

The Relevance of Competitor Data

· Understand what’s keeping your competitor move ahead.

· Analyze where you stand on the website ranking.

· Analyze the shortcomings of your business strategy.

· Improve your marketing goals to get the necessary leads.

· Improve your SEO ranking and goals.

How to Focus on My Competitors?

We are living in an era of cut-throat competition. Business competition is everywhere and in every line of business. Shortlist a few companies that deal in similar products and services that you offer. Select a list of around 10-12 similar websites to zero in on for further research.

Now, choose some key website metrics to understand their website performances. You can use any digital marketing or website analysis tools to do so. Some of the key metrics to focus on are DA, PA, Bounce Rate, Average Page Visit, and Average Duration per visit. You can even look into other website metrics as well, including Spam Score, Total Monthly Visitors, Demographics, and other key indices.

Key Steps to Improving Your Business through Competitive Analysis

Thoroughly Check All Content

Analyze the content of your website and also the content of your competitor’s website. If you feel their website looks more complete, then you will have to add subsequent website business pages as per requirement. According to statistics, 90% of Fortune 500 Companies pay excessive importance to competitive intelligence. If you haven’t been paying enough attention to it, you must start doing it from now.

Brand-related Assessment

Based on a proper competitive analysis, you can even get insight into essential brand-related issues like whether your competitors follow brand tone, logo, and necessary tagline. You can start imitating some of their brand strategies as well if you weren’t doing so.

Scrutinize Your Competitors’ Social Media Posts

Closely follow your competitors. You can even connect to some of them directly from your social media channels as well. It will keep you abreast of their latest product launches, offers and discounts. Keep a check on their regular feeds and also tweak your SMM (Social Media Strategy) accordingly if necessary.

Analyze Top Performing Keywords

There are lots of online competitor analysis tools available online to get a list of top-performing keywords on your competitor’s website. After thorough analysis and consultation with your SEO or digital marketing team, you can then also focus on creating your online and off-page website content based on those keywords.


No doubt, online business is becoming more competitive than ever. The latest research report says that Google produces around 40,000 searches every second, with most searches relating to business and trade. So, your online visibility matters a lot. Along with that, your site has to come on top of the SERPs to get leads and generate revenue. And that’s where the relevance of competitive analyses comes in.

If you understand your competitor’s website data well, then you can also emulate such strategies to generate new leads. It will potentially help you start seeing new opportunities to cash in on.

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