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Video editor: Easy Ways To Edit Video like professional

If you are a video editor then you might have understood the trouble of editing the video especially if you are a beginner. Mastering the skills of video editing cannot be achieved overnight but it requires a lot of practice and patience. Practising editing skills on regular basis can certainly help you to become a pro over time. Here we will be talking about few tips that will help you to edit the video like professionals. 

Choose the right software 

The first step towards becoming a pro in video editing skills is to get the right video editing software. You will find many options and variants but here you would need to take a call as per your comfort and convenience. Some of the most used software used by professionals are Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, and Da Vinci Resolve. This software comes with the paid versions. Talking about Premiere Pro it is known to provide you with consistent updates, better online support, multi-cam editing, and a customizable interface. You can also link it with Adobe Software. The only con with this software is the bugs that can be experienced during the updates. The cost of Premiere Pro is $50 per month. With Final Cut Pro you can work with fast workflow and sleek interface. Here you will also get access to multi-cam support. The one-time cost for Final cut pro is $299 and it is only compatible with MacBook. Avid Media Composer demands $34.97 per month for its subscription and it is known to be a great choice for big projects. It offers an exhaustive feature set along with severe rendering compatibility. If you do not wish to go for the paid version initially then you can try out the free lite version by DaVinci Resolve. It is known for its fantastic colour features, node-based effects, and sleek design. If you are not comfortable using this software then you can also try other video editing tools such as wave video.

Choose the right computer system 

Once you decide on the software the next step would be to choose the right computer. The first aspect of getting the computer is the speed. Hence make sure to get the SSD. It might be expensive than the regular storage drives but it is worth the investment when it comes to speed. You can also focus on the increased RAM as it will help you to get a faster editing speed. Getting a good video card will also help for better graphics output.

Edit like a story 

According to the experts, it always works best when you edit the video like a story. You can first determine the overall flow of the video and then think of the transitions, graphics as well as sound effects to make that story live on the videọ 

Make keyboard shortcuts your friend

Video Editing seems to be a lengthier process but you can certainly speed it up with the help of keyboard shortcuts. So, if you wish to save time it is always recommended to learn the keyboard shortcuts. There are several resources and cheat sheets available on the internet that you can access to get an idea. If possible, you can also invest in an editing keyboard that has all the shortcut icons required for the editing process. 

Get familiar with Lingo 

Similar to other industries you will find many lingos in video editing as well. You may not need to learn all of them but it is advisable to keep the knowledge of fundamentals to communicate better with the clients. Lingos such as Jump Cut, J & L cut, Montage, Match Cut, Match Action, and Cutting on Action are known to be some of the widely used lingos in the industry. You can refer to various online resources and books to learn these lingos especially if you are new to this industry.