The USA is known to take the lead or at least at the top of the list of many industries, and e-commerce is definitely one of them. Even before the advent of Shopee and Lazada in Southeast Asia, Otto in Europe, Rakuten in Japan, and many more around the world. Amazon was already taking the lead in the US, and over the years, they have expanded around the world and is now on top of the e-commerce industry of the world.

While online retail sales in the US just takes up a fraction of the whole including the offline retail industry, it has grown exponentially over the years. According to Digital Commerce 360, the market penetration of the e-commerce industry has grown from 15.8% in 2019 to 21.3% in 2020. Those numbers are definitely bound to grow, as many consumers and buyers have shifted to purchasing online due to the pandemic.

With the remarkable growth of e-commerce in the US, founder of Atlas Creative Group, Daniel Philip saw it as a major challenge and also teeming with tremendous opportunities for the company. Hence, he sought to enter the US Market, and to do that, he needed the help of someone with significant knowledge of the said market. As luck would have it, Christopher Columbus got on board, and is now the CEO of ACG USA.

Atlas Creative Group (ACG) is a holding, logistics and distribution company that builds and grows brands. It currently holds offices in the Philippines, Latvia, Netherlands, Brazil, Indonesia, India and of course, the United States of America. To date, the company has about 20 brands under its arms, ranging from jewelry, swimwear and even dental care. The venture of the company into the ‘Land of Opportunity’ as they say has had its fair share of hurdles, but nothing that Christopher could not handle, as he was always offered a hand or a couple of hands more so by the other teams of ACG all over the world. He has chosen to get on board as he found that with every product that the company sends out, with it comes the message of God that serves as inspiration and glimmer of hope in the midst of all that is happening in the world right now. 

To strive in the US market, the marketing strategy should be able to ride with the trend and ensure that it properly fits with the intended target demographic. It should somehow stand out to be differentiated from the others that sell the same products and it is going to be a never-ending battle with everyone in the same space. So, ACG uses the power of social media in advertising its products, through its Influencer Program, that focuses mostly on Instagram for now. With much of the world’s populace leaning over to social media influencers aside from celebrities, getting the word out on one’s products would ensure good returns. The company looks out for those Instagram accounts that has at least 500 followers, have some talent in taking candid shots, and would definitely be willing to promote the various products of a specific under the company.

With big players in the e-commerce industry of the US, this endeavor is no easy feat, but the company, especially founder Daniel Philip and CEO Christopher Columbus, is determined to see it through. As the team just completed its legalities to operate in the country and established an office and warehouse during the last quarter of 2020, their milestones just piled up in a short span of time. It is rather safe to say that the sky is the limit for the growth of this company.

As it was mentioned before, ACG has teams all over the world, but global expansion is not the only goal that the company is striving for, as they just opened their first ever retail store for one of its luxury jewelry brands, La Hera, in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia. Not only that, a factory  was built in the very same city that the store was established. Now, ACG is helping the local economy that continues to struggle due to the pandemic that is still dragging on.

This year would definitely be productive with the company starting with its first retail store in Bali and also aiming for a similar endeavor in other countries as well. Those are feats that poses a lot of challenges, but the company is ready to take on and will not tread on it lightly.

As e-commerce continues to grow, and the world is slowly easing restrictions and opening up once again, the company certainly has endless opportunities to expand. Perhaps, you would want to take part in the continuous global adventure that ACG is on. Like CEO Christopher Columbus, you can also start a new chapter in your life, as long as you have the virtues that founder Daniel Philip seeks. As Christopher mentioned before,

“When he hires people, he hires passionate people, people that are creative, people that have the kind of fundamentals that are based out of the bible, and just people that wants to inspire others.”

So feel free to drop a message on Daniel’s or Christopher’s socials, and they would be more than happy to accommodate you.