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Trading Platform IQDAX Announces €1M Bonus Program for New Clients

IQDAX, a leading cryptocurrency margin trading platform, has recently announced an offer of a €1M Bonus Program for new clients. The Platform offers a unique opportunity for beginners and experienced traders to open an account and start trading on exclusive conditions. 

IQDAX enjoys a constant rise in customer demand for its service. The Platform was launched just earlier this year, but has got tremendous response from traders worldwide. Recently, it recorded a transaction of over 10 million Euros as their daily volume of trade. 

“IQDAX is relatively a new brand in the crypto universe as compared to other players in the market. Thanks to our innovative client-first approach, we have become the fastest-growing and most in-demand margin trading platform across the globe. Our long-term focus is centered on the principal that our clients’ needs always take priority. We continually exercise loyalty, diligence and care in all stages of the client process and are pleased that our clients are satisfied with the service they receive. At all times, we strive to improve our service even more and offer outstanding support and technical assistance to our clients around the year,” said a spokesperson from IQDAX.

IQDAX is a one-of-its-kind platform that attracts both the beginners and experienced traders. The platform offers a simple interface to transact, deposit funds, and make trades. New clients start their trading journey with minimum risk and no special knowledge required thanks to the generous bonus offer available.

As compared to other digital trading platforms, IQDAX offers a lot of benefits to its clients. Primarily, clients can start trading crypto, forex, stocks and other digital assets on the platform with low capital but earn a high profit due to the use of leverage, or borrowing. IQDAX offers margin accounts, allowing traders and investors to take position sizes larger than the capital deposited would otherwise allow for.  

Today, IQDAX is one of the leading trading and investment platforms with a global appeal. It was launched just three months back but has never looked back since then. In no time, it has become one of the most preferred trading platforms for investors and traders worldwide. 

Features And Benefits Of IQDAX

·    Multi-asset trading terminal to facilitate all types of trading.

·          More than 30 technical indicators available.

·          Access to 200+ trading instruments.

·          Instant and Limit Orders.

·          Crypto, FX, CFD and Stocks.

·          Risk management tools.

·          Intuitive user interface.

·          User-friendly navigation.

·          Zero commission on cryptocurrency trades.

Why Choose IQDAX For Trading

Whether you are an expert investor or a beginner trader, you can get yourself an IQDAX margin trading account in no time.

Moreover, the company has recently announced a whopping €1M Bonus Program for new clients who register in July. So don’t miss the opportunity. 

If you haven’t registered yourself on IQDAX as yet, don’t hesitate to do it now. You have the golden opportunity to receive the generous bonuses and start your profitable venture into the world of trading. 

Registration Process On IQDAX

Creating an IQDAX account will not take even 5 minutes of your time.

●   Navigate to

●   Click Create An Account.

●   Fill out the basic registration form.

●   Get an instant bonus of €100 credited to your account.

●   Now, you can deposit funds into your account.

●   Congratulations! You can now earn up to €7,000 as a welcome bonus.

Ready To Get Started?

Hurry up! Get your account opened today and win a chance to earn up to €7,000.

Create an account at: