NEXT.chain Set to Revolutionize the DeFi Space

Ethereum gave a powerful push to developing innovative DeFi projects that initially were just experimental, but now their popularity has been growing exponentially day by day.

However, Ethereum faced a severe problem that lies in the high cost of interacting with smart contracts (fees for some transactions exceed $10.) Although the platform has garnered a strong community, its infrastructure is still not ready for boundless use due to block space competition resulting in a gas fee increase. This is an issue that NEXT.Chain has solved.

About NEXT.chain

NEXT.chain is a DeFi project, founded on April 23rd, 2019, that has taken the best of Ethereum and Bitcoin to create a chain that can be practical for both companies and private users. That is why fees will stay low. NEXT.Chain is already called the next generation blockchain for the DeFi world. It is a ground-breaking, DeFi-targeted rebirth of Bitcoin-core remarkable for some features:

1. PoW / PoS consensus mechanisms;

2. Masternode validation;

3. Attractiveness for miners due to merge mining with Bitcoin;

4. API integration;

5. Allocation and creation of assets;

6. Aliases instead of long addresses;

7. Immediate private transactions up to 10k TPS.


NEXT deployed a full audited token, which is acting as a bridge between multiple blockchains; other ERC20/BSC tokens can also ‘swap’ to NEXT.chain to enable instant trading, without high transaction costs.

Trade NEXT on P2PB2B and buy 25k to become a masternode validator. Masternode holders are getting a daily reward in NEXT. Sustainable growth and the gradually increasing value indicate relatively higher profitability of NEXT with lower risks due to more moderate volatility.

Media Contact:

Company: NEXT
Telegram Chat:
Phone number: +31 85 3030600
Address: Flight Forum 810, 5657 DV Eindhoven, the Netherlands