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Take Advantage Of Plant Identifier Apps To Identify Unknown Plants

If you ever found a plant that you’re clueless about, the first thing that’ll come in your mind, is that perhaps there was some intelligent technology, which could help you identify the unknown plant. Luckily, there are several such tools, which are otherwise called free plant identifier tools. Try taking advantage of these tools as they possess AI technology in addition to image recognition. They are connected to an immense database and knowledge base, that provide vast details of a plant entered in it.

These tools ask users to input the plant’s picture and or click the snap immediately on the spot. They then use the image recognition process to identify the plant in the image. The moment a plant is identified, it forwards the details to the database from where the relevant plant’s details are extracted and displayed on the screen to the user.

This entire process consumes hardly a few seconds and the results are displayed within a blink of any eye. With these applications, you can take advantage of these technologies without paying any money. This article talks about a few such tools that identify plants by picture. Keep reading it until the end for lots of valuable information.

AI Plant Identifier

WhatisthePlant is an online tool, which is available free of cost. The website is available 24/7 and users from all over the world can take advantage of such facility. It can run on slow internet connections without hindering the performance. As a result, this plant identifier app becomes a perfect choice if you’re in the wild or woods from where you need to learn about an unknown plant.

There’s no need to register or sign in to get started. Neither do you need to subscribe to anything for that. This ensures quickest possible solution when it comes to identifying an unknown plant. Users can perform searches unlimited times. There is no restriction at all. The service is highly reliable and you can expect results within seconds. There are a few advantages of using this tool as well. For instance, if you’re totally new to websites and tools, you don’t have to take up pains to learn how to use the web app. Simply visit the website and you can get started. It’s very user-friendly. The interface isn’t confusing at all.

When the results are generated, you’ll get some references of highly reliable websites such as Wikipedia. You can read more about the plant on these sources. Unlike most websites, AI plant identifier don’t collect your personal data in the background, which means you’re totally safe when using this web app. Your privacy won’t be tampered. There’s no provision of payment. You don’t have to enter your credit card details before using the service. It’s 100% safe to use.

Using AI Plant Identifier- Quick and Simple Steps

  1. Open a web browser in your mobile phone or computer and visit this official website
  2. You can upload and image, but keep the following restrictions in mind:
    1. Image file format must be PNG, JPG, or JPEG only.
    1. File size must not exceed 5MB.
  3. Alternatively, you can enter the URL of the webpage where the plant’s photo is located on the internet. There’s no facility to click the image from your device on this website.
  4. Once the image is received by the back-end, it’ll start scanning for any plants. A plant recognition will fail under the following scenarios:
    1. No plant is present in the picture.
    1. The picture is not clear, or the plants are barely visible in it.
    1. There are too many plants in the picture, which can perhaps confuse the app.
    1. The plant is too small in the picture, making it impossible for the tool to identify it.
  5. If your image is clear enough, the results will be generated within a few seconds. You can see the data on the screen right away.
  6. To perform a fresh search, simply refresh the website and or follow the steps from the beginning.


it’s a free mobile app available for Android and iPhone users. The website is run by a community and relies solely on donations. This tool is meant to record your observations related to nature and botany. You can share your experience and observations with your fellow naturalists and discuss about your research with them.

Some more useful stuff you can do here include keeping a track of insects, plants, etc. that you are observing. Based on your observations, you can create useful data that might be referred to as your personal findings and research. When you’ll have discussions with other members, you’ll get to learn more in this field.

The app can be you pal by your side, helping you in your botanical research. This tool is ideal for students, researchers, and botany enthusiasts who want to grow in this field. The best thing is, it’s available free of cost. It can work on all devices. You need to download and install the mobile app in your phone.

How To Use iNaturalist

Below are the quick steps to getting started with this application.

  1. If you’re an iPhone user, open this link in your web browser
  2. If you’re an Android phone user, visit this link
  3. Download and install the app.
  4. It’ll ask you if you want to visit nearby observations. This option will connect you to the fellow observers near you. Tap on the button.
  5. Allow any permissions if asked.
  6. Let it process. tap on any observations and start reading.
  7. Go back to the main menu. It’ll ask you to login or signup. You can register and sign into your account or skip this step.
  8. Click on the plus button at the bottom to start creating your observations.
  9. Take a picture, upload it, or record audio message.


By now you learned about apps that identify plants from pictures. These apps are really helpful if taken advantage of properly. The free services are fairly reliable and you’ll hardly find it important to buy the paid subscription.

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