Clubhouse App Effect on .CLUB: Popular New App Becoming Master of a New Domain

After the advent of new generic top-level domains by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the .Club extension has continued to gain popularity. General and specific domains are making it easy to reach fans and enthusiasts. Celebrities and other important people are using the .club domain to reach out to their audience as well as fans, associations, and clubs who can register with their particular.CLUB domain. More recently, there has been a surge in interest in .CLUB domains sparked by the growing popularity of a virtual club of clubs–the Clubhouse App social network.

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Clubhouse – Your Panacea

Launched by two Stanford University alumni, Paul Division and Roshan Seth, in 2020, Clubhouse is a fast-growing audio-only social networking application with eight million+ members. It is a platform to have conversations with friends, and other people, to tell stories, have a debate, and ask questions. On the verge of becoming the next thing, the app is taking center stage for venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and more.  Currently, access is by invitation only and for iOS only.

Here, the members have to create a room, either public or private, to attract listeners from a few to thousands. Rooms, also formed under clubs, can be scheduled in advance so that every attendant plan ahead and find rooms of interest. The mic’s complete control is with moderators to bring the listeners “on stage” and let them speak and share their opinion. The audience can raise their hand to be invited “on stage.”

Who Is Currently Using Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is capturing the interest of the internet and taking all the Silicon Valley buzz. Recently being called the new social media darling, it is drawing all the big names’ attention. Currently, the application is active only on the iOS platform, but soon, the company is upgrading Android versions. Great celebrities and sports figures like Kevin Hart, Oprah, are gaining large followers on Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse effect on .CLUB Domains

Many of the active individuals and clubs on Clubhouse have begun to use a .CLUB domain name to brand themselves, their clubs, and their content within the app. Using a domain name also gives them the opportunity to share more information and engage with their community outside the app, and augment their profile within the Clubhouse app. Popular influencers like Gary Henderson, who uses, and popular clubs like the Good Tome Show that uses Even the Clubhouse app itself has registered and started using the domain  .CLUB domains are available through domain name registrars such as , Google Domains, Namecheap and GoDaddy. 

In addition to the usage of .CLUB domains by Clubhouse participants, there are many rooms in the app discussing “Digital Real Estate” and “Domain Investing.” Given the adoption within Clubhouse, .CLUB domains have been of particular interest within these groups, contributing to the spike in registrations of regular and higher-priced premium .CLUB domains. 

How Clubhouse Is Different From Other Social Media Apps

The Clubhouse app’s focus on listening and interaction and the shift from visual to audio is innovative and exciting.  The algorithm of the application also cultivates the experience of an individual user. Clubhouse lets users drop into conversations around a wide range of interests and topics. Users can enhance their Clubhouse experience by using a .CLUB domain and a website or landing page to encourage a deeper connection with their communities. 

If you are on Clubhouse, you should consider joining the .CLUB.

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