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Media Power Player: Starring Esmeralda Baez, Founder of Elite Vision Media

NY Based, Esmeralda Baez has been working in the music and entertainment Industry for years. In 2019 She launched her agency Elite Vision Media where she oversees a list of international & national clients.

Esmeralda, is an expert at managing the images of her clientele via marketing, strategic planning and social media services. Baez is a talent publicist currently representing: musicians, models, actors, dancers, influencers, video directors & producers.

She explains that most executives & entrepreneurs are successful because they focus on building a solid team. Leaders convert people’s skills into business clients, they expose themselves, they adapt to culture & they make their hard work obvious. She also emphasizes how reinventing yourself recharges your future.

When asked, What advise she gives new publicists in the field, She commented; Wherever you go make a good impression, Ask questions & for help, Allow changes and take chances. Make sure to have confidence and reassurance to follow the path that is good for you. Improvise, try new things and always keep in mind that expertise matters, but execution is key.

We also asked Baez, What is the company’s ultimate goal? Which she replied, To expand into other more lucrative revenue streams; like sports, politics, fashion, lifestyle & beauty. I also want to create and build leverage and alliance. Finally, have a voice of impact.