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EDD Feedbacks Shared by Unemployed workers to reach a live representative

Numerous people have called California’s Economic Development Department hundreds of times, sometimes for days. Perhaps they were hung up on after waiting for hours on hold. This post will discuss how to get through to EDD, and Unemployed workers shared tips to reach a live representative.

These stories are all too common when viewers share their experiences with the call center at the state unemployment department.

You can get in touch with an EDD representative several ways before giving up on trying to contact them.

Get in touch with your Lawyer

Most likely, we referred you to your lawmaker. We suggest this first because state representatives can help with EDD claims more effectively than people. 

Many viewers have expressed their satisfaction with the ability to schedule a telephone appointment with an unemployment representative after they contacted their lawmaker. 

You can also call your senator and assembly member directly or email them. Find your legislators HERE.

You might have tried calling your legislator and assembly member but have not heard back.

YouTube EDD Support Channels

It can be stressful and confusing to navigate unemployment benefits. You can find many videos of fellow claimants offering tips and tricks, such as how to resolve pending payments or phone tricks to reach an EDD representative.

Silver created a list with all EDD phone numbers and shared tips with her subscribers.

  • Avoid calling Mondays and Tuesdays. These days are high in call volume, so you will be more likely to get through Wednesday and Thursday. 
  • Call after 4 p.m. Try this phone trick for how to get through to edd.

It might take several attempts, but Silver says she has about a 50% success rate with the comments.

Write Letters

Sherri Mackay, Tracy’s business owner, had to wait two and a quarter months before she was eligible for benefits. She didn’t realize that she would need to wait weeks to apply for PUA when she applied for unemployment in March. 

Mackay was sent a letter containing a zero-dollar award in benefits. Mackay sent four appeal letters to EDD and 30 years of 1099 IRS forms. She reapplied for PUA benefits when the April application opened.

Mackay stated that he felt that the reason it went through after waiting for a month and a half was because he kept pressing on them. This is something Mackay shouldn’t have to do.

Mackay was writing letters for EDD at the time. The PUA application had opened at the close of April, and Mackay had to resubmit. Mackay believed that her letters were a part of why she was eligible for PUA benefits by mid-May.

Mackay stated, “Forget about getting on the telephone.” “I tried many times to call them, but they disconnected me on the first line at eight in the morning. “

Paid Services

Third parties can call the EDD on your behalf and call you back if they place you on hold. Silver tried out Autodial and Claimyr, two paid services that she tested on one of her videos. 

Claimyr, a tech company located in San Francisco, was founded by Thomas Maxon in response to his California hardship filing for unemployment.

Silver spoke to Maxon via her Youtube channel about privacy and legitimacy concerns. Maxon assured me that they wouldn’t send you data and that the company doesn’t listen to calls.

Claimyr features:

  • Claimyr provides free calls for up to 24 hours if you are unable to connect.
  • Call back times are dependent on the current call volume at the EDD. According to the website, it can take up to an hour for a call to be connected if it is busy. Sometimes it takes just five minutes. 

Although you shouldn’t have to use paid services to get money from a state agency, it is an option that has helped many people talk to EDD representatives.

Use the “ASK EDD” Tool

Michelle Schurer, a Pasadena-based independent contractor, heard two different voice recordings while calling the EDD call center.

Schurer stated that “one will lead you to a dead-end, and you have no other choice but to make all your choices, while the other male voice allows for you to enter the menu.” 

Schurer also persevered with the Ask EDD tool. Applicants can submit questions depending on which category they choose. While some categories provide only information, others such as “UIO-I Received an Error message (Ask EDD)” will allow applicants to submit a contact form. The unemployment agency allows only one question per day due to the large number of claims that are being processed.

Schurer stated, “I tried sending a message many times but didn’t get the right answer.” “So I was like, I’m just sending it again until I get the right answer. It worked. It worked.

Schurer received her benefits, and she was able to help her son get through the unemployment process.

“It seems that from me going through the process since April, it seems like it is getting a little better,” Schurer stated.

Bottom Line

You must remember that you are not the only one trying to resolve your unemployment problems. You can find many online resources at that will help you connect with other claimants with similar problems.