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The Application of FIC in the Mining Ecosystem of Cryptocurrency

The world economy is surging, investment and wealth management business has become the fastest growing business in global finance. The digital economy takes the lead, and digital currency investment is reshaping the world economic landscape.

Since the birth of blockchain technology in 2008, the digital currency industry led by Bitcoin has developed rapidly, with investment income reaching tens of thousands of times, making it the biggest dark horse in the investment world. The considerable profit has attracted the attention of a large number of investors, who have devoted themselves to the mining market, leading to a surge in the computing power of the entire network.

However, the existing computing power resources continue to gather to the top players, like the so-called “mine lords” who can determine the income distribution rules, and personal gains cannot be guaranteed.

The world needs a decentralized digital currency investment product, FIC turned out to be right for you!

FIC is needed for hiring miners to increase computing power for pledged mining, and for the transaction fees of decentralized exchanges. All miner fees and transaction fees are regularly burned. Unique computing power improvement logic and the regular burning mechanism make sure the value of FIC to rise infinitely. And by weighting index contracts of multiple mainstream currencies, market fluctuations can be effectively mitigated, thereby creating more stable and less risky investment opportunities.

FIC provides multiple functions such as value sniffing, pledge, mining, trading, private chat, etc. It also launches mainstream index-tracking funds, innovative index-tracking funds, index interactive arbitrage stable funds, high-frequency index funds, etc. It actively integrates big data and uses artificial intelligence to adjust mining strategies in a timely manner to achieve stable returns with minimal risks, making the concept of aggregate value investment a reality.

FIC is here to blaze new trails. It uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things to build diversified pledge mining, distributed storage, and super node, so as to bring unparalleled high ROI.

The platform adopts the POW and POS modes in parallel, fully covering multiple currencies, and actively exploring the opportunities of staking economy under the POS mechanism. Users do not need to purchase physical mining machines, they can directly use FIC’s cloud mining platform and participate in global high-quality mining pools with one click. Users only need to hire miners to increase their computing power to achieve fast and convenient mining and obtain digital assets, FICs, accordingly.

The foundation of FIC’s ecosystem bases completely on blockchain technology. Assets are under the control of individuals, and the application of the aggregation engine allows more users to shuttle freely in the world of value investment. Clearing and settlement are completed through smart contracts in real-time, achieving a more efficient, convenient and safe transaction experience. By minimizing dependence on trust, the cost of trust between individuals is reduced.

FIC expects everyone to be their own master, freely mobilize their own assets, and find assets that are worth investing. FIC builds an autonomous ecosystem on the basis of decentralization, privacy and fairness, which guarantees the security of value investment and fairness of each investor’s financial participation, stays away from the dangers in centralized finance and builds a truly decentralized investment ecosystem and a closed value loop.

The future is here, so as a prosperous era. Let’s invest in FIC and head towards our “Future”!

FIC provides everyone with the opportunity to change their destiny and wealth; FIC is a great practitioner who creates a better version of the world’s financial system!

Market Watch

Euro Coin Cryptocurrency gets crazy. Surges 83% in a Day. Investors are going all in.

Digital Euro, would still be a euro: like banknotes but digital. It would be an electronic form of money issued by the Eurosystem (the ECB and national central banks) and accessible to all citizens and firms. A digital euro would not replace cash, but rather complement it. The Eurosystem will continue to ensure that you have access to euro cash across the euro area. A digital euro would give you an additional choice about how to pay and make it easier to do so, contributing to financial inclusion alongside cash.

What is Euro Coin Cryptocurrency?

Digital Euro Group, the company behind one of the world’s most popular online retailers (Euro Coin), has been developing its very own cryptocurrency since 2015. After a lot of hard work by some pretty talented people and close collaboration with EU government officials, this coin is now ready for distribution!

Euro Coin surged 230% in March of 2021, as major institutional investors moved a larger part of their assets to lower market-cap securities.

In response to international media coverage, Euro Coin Group LLC has completed an independent investigation, asking more than 27,000 investors globally.
It has been found that more than 93.8% have considered investing in the Euro Coin Cryptocurrency, and more than 70% of them have been new investors.

Research shows that the Euro Coin is one of the most coveted digital currencies, set to grow into a mighty empire.

A major world government has just given the world of cryptocurrencies a huge vote of confidence and legitimation. Euro Coin has just announced an unprecedented move that is officially introducing a certain cryptocurrency as a non-stable currency the Euro Coin!

Why would we need a Digital Euro?

Euro Coin is the first cryptocurrency approved by the governments.
No other crypto has been approved or cooperated by a European government, not even Bitcoin. Once most of the coins have been traded, economists expect the price to surge to be unmatched by early adopters to achieve record profits in the crypto space.

Cryptocurrency is the future of money, according to more and more people around the world.
Cryptocurrencies are destined to play an important role in the future of our financial world, and those that don’t start early will be the ones that will fight later.

The current price of one of Globe’s official coins is $0,019 (remember price updates every 15 minutes),

With a small investment of 250$, you can buy a lot of coins.

Famous Hedge Funder-turned-Crypto Investor Max Keizer says:
“Euro Coin’s coin could be worth $6300 by the end of this year “ To be clear, it’s only a month away.

How to invest in Euro Coin Cryptocurrency?

The European Union Parliament has just announced that it has chosen a preferred company to buy and trade their new cryptocurrency: the Digital Euro Coin Group. The sale of Euro Coin’s currency officially began on 7 June 2021 and currently, these coins can only be bought from Digital Euro Coin Group.

In fact, Christine Lagarde, President of the ECB said: The euro belongs to Europeans and we are its guardian. We should be prepared to issue a digital euro, should the need arise. 

If you are interested in investing in the Euro Coin Coin cryptocurrency or in learning more about it, click here.


As you can see by now, Europe is making their final move for the race of digitalization, and Euro Coin Cryptocurrency is the new big thing after all the utilities behind Digitalization in Europe.

However, Euro Coin is a cryptocurrency and it is important to know from every trader who wishes to enter the volatile crypto market to take extra precautions to avoid unnecessary losses.
In our opinion, Euro Coin is one of the safest investments that needs to make in 2021.