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For every potential crypto investor, there are at least five advertisements imploring you to put all of your money into Bitcoin, and others trying to convince their followers that some new altcoin is the crypto of the future. 

According to Jayke Umarezz noted lifestyle commentator, the reality is a bit more nuanced. “Optimal investing is very simple and boring. Today this crypto craze is making headline news, and young investors who are new to investing are trying to figure out how to navigate that.”

Be warned against allocating too much of your portfolio to crypto and do make an effort to understand the risks. Make sure the cryptocurrency you select in not just the flavor of the month but one that has sound fundamentals that can weather any storm.  

CRYPTRIGHT (CR) is one of the few crypto assets that has held and can be expected to rise in value even as Bitcoins and others have tumbled recently. Here is a brief explanation as to why.

  • CR serves to hedge against the loss of purchasing power of the US Dollar and currencies linked to it.
  • CR is scarce as the total number of CR is contractually limited to just 10 million and verified by semiannual audits and certification.
  • The processes for authenticating and transferring CR is safe and fast and does not waste energy like other cryptocurrencies that require huge amounts of energy and computing power.
  • The indicative price of CR is mathematically derived based on its limited supply relative to other limited supply cryptocurrencies.
  • The planned rise in price of CR over time to compensate for the loss of purchasing power of US Dollars is supported by its creators through purchases of CR in the market as and when a CR holder wishes to sell.
  • The creators of CR deploy a significant portion of the sales proceeds of CR to hold and trade highly liquid assets to generate a flow of income that can be used to support the planned rise of CR prices over time to compensate for the loss of purchasing power of US Dollars.

These are some of the key reasons to consider purchasing CR for a safe and conservative investment portfolio that seeks to preserve its purchasing power over time.

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