Losing It All, Only to Come Out on Top: The Story of Entrepreneur Justin Goff

Since he was a kid, Justin Goff has had an interest in business, and those childhood dreams have been turned into a current reality. Today, he is running a coaching program named Copy Accelerator, focused on helping other entrepreneurs and copywriters grow their clientele and create better content. Despite the current success he’s amassed, Justin has a long history of ventures, some failed and some as successful as his current.

The first little side business Justin ever got involved in was selling baseball cards as a kid at garage sales. A few years later, in high school, he would buy and sell WWE action figures on eBay, and that’s when his passion really ignited. Justin knew that he wanted some sort of future where he could be his own boss, but he wasn’t sure what exactly to go for just yet.

By college, he had more of an idea. He was $1,200 in debt because of some bad sports handicapping and had no way to pay it off, so Justin took it upon himself to start his own website where he could sell picks for football games. Understandably, nothing much ever really came of this, but the few sales he did make were more than enough to fuel him for the future.

It also gave him a fair amount of knowledge regarding affiliate marketing, which helped him start making a decent amount of income, and soon enough he went from making $400 to $500 a month to $5,000. Unfortunately, this success didn’t last long, and Justin found himself struggling once again once 2010 came around.

Justin hit a low point after losing his main income, his girlfriend, and his apartment. Living in a $250-a-month place with his savings account getting drained, he made the last ditch decision to write a book about a workout program, and thus The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure was launched. Justin spent money on Facebook ads, and in just three months earned a profit of over $100,000, making it clear he was on the right path.

With that win, he was able to fund more of his ventures. One of the more notable ones was the supplement company he created, Patriot Health Alliance. Justin grew it to be worth eight figures in under three years—an incredible accomplishment for the young entrepreneur, who was on the brink of losing everything just a few years earlier.

In 2017, Justin stepped away from the company to take a year off and travel the world. But once that was finished, it was back to business. Together with business partner Stefan Georgi, Justin launched Copy Accelerator. The coaching program was created to help copywriters and entrepreneurs alike strengthen their skills and generate more business.

Over the years, Justin has become an expert at helping each member of his program leave their nine-to-five jobs to achieve greatness. Copy Accelerator is a powerhouse in its industry, and it’s clear why so many individuals choose them. Their methods get clients the results they’re looking for, and anyone looking to enhance their careers should check them out.