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Perfect Cold Email Applying for a Dream Job

Being one of the oldest means of digital communication, email outreach is still one of the most popular and effective ways to sell your services, products, or even … yourself.

From grammar and style through structure and length, there are dozens of elements you need to take into account when writing to a potential employer.

Learn the basics of presenting yourself and writing a cold email when applying for a job you want from email outreach experts from Gethrough.

What is a Cold Email?

A cold email is an email you send to a person who is not actively looking for or requested information, services, or expertise you offer.

While the probability that people not looking for your offer actually purchase from you is lower, however, the number of potential clients/buyers might be multiple times larger.

Let’s say, you have an innovative product or service you’d like to share with the world. Most of your potential customers don’t know about its existence, so a good way to present it to them would be by cold email outreach.

When is Cold Email Outreach a good idea to find a job?

This is also relevant to selling your skills and expertise to a company you’d love to work in, or applying for a dream job that is not vacant at the moment.

If you have a unique set of skills perfect for a particular position, or you are ready to work at a lower rate or as an intern, you can try cold email outreach. Don’t forget to send multiple emails – even those perfectly written and structured never get opened in 100% of cases.

Of course, you have higher chances to get the job if the employer is looking for people like you, and your potential position is vacant. 

In any case, similar tips and recommendations are relevant when writing an email applying for a job when both cold email outreaching and responding to job offers.

Preparing for an Email Outreach

Even if you’re sure you apply for the perfect job, and you know the company well, you need to do some background check on the level of salaries, departments, and activities of the company, where they expand, what is their mission, and vision.

There is no need in diving too deep, most good companies have a clear vision, mission, goals, and values described on one of the main corporate pages.

You need to know it to know you share those values and to understand what is important for the company.

Collect or buy a contacts list of HR managers with their names (for personalization), emails (not a general one), location, particular position, and department. Having a spreadsheet with all the main information will help you send personalized emails applying for many positions fast. You can additionally use email automation software. 

However, manually written emails are more customizable and personalized, which makes the email open rate higher.

How to write a Perfect Email Applying for a Job?

To help you write an email to your potential employer, the tips are listed in a sequence as a step-by-step guide. This way, you could create your selling email on the way.

Introduce yourself

The first thing you need to start with is the introduction. Most of your emails won’t get opened if you start with your offer instead of an intro.

“My name is…”, “This is …”, “I’m a …”, “I work in…”, “I have X years experience in…” – using such phrases in short and clear sentences introduce yourself, explain what you do and how long you do that.

Offer help

Remember, even if you think you are perfect for this job and every employer should hire you, you should offer something to the hiring manager you contact

Help with particular improvement, tips, how you can make their company better, how they could benefit from your skills…

When creating an offer, keep in mind the background check with vision, mission, and company’s values to offer them something they really need and search for.


Including the name of the hiring manager and company name help with both passing the spam filters of most email services, and improves the email open rate, as it doesn’t look like a bulk mailing.

We are sure, you’ve heard enough about personalization in other places to know that preparing your cold email for the right person significantly improves outreach efficiency.

List your skills & expertise

After you offer something the HR manager is searching for in employees like you, prove that you are the one you promise them to be. 

Without unnecessary details, list your main achievements, proven expertise, finished courses, and relevant higher education to show you are perfect for that job.

Offer them your CV with more details and/or feedback from previous employers.

Call to Action

Even contacting a very experienced HR specialist, just showing what you offer is often not enough to receive an answer. To make the next step(s) easier and clearer for the hiring manager, simply give him a hint and offer a simple step to start the ‘hiring’ process.

This could be a work sample, short test, certificate, small task, or even a free week/month of internship. 

Eg. “Just let me know if you need a sample.”, “To prove my expertise, I’ll be glad to pass your test or fill a sample task.”


Hopefully, this cold email outreach guide for job seekers was helpful for you. 

We could separate the tips into smaller and more detailed ones, but thinking of what the hiring manager and the company need in every moment of writing your email are key to efficiency and success with your outreach. 

Provide all the information they need in a clear and concise form with a friendly but formal style. 

Good luck with getting your dream job!