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China partner with Co2Bit Technologies to reduce the impact of Climate Change

Florida, USA, July 9th, 2021 – China Investment Association in cooperation with China Africa Investment Cooperation Ltd. has signed a strategic partnership with Co2bit technologies to support the Co2 tokens. These blockchains based secure digital assets are a uniquely sustainable finance mechanism supporting projects to reduce and mitigate impact of the climate change globally.

All parties to the agreement and dozens of other nations contractually concur that Co2 tokens are suitable offsets to be used by emitters, in addition to or in lieu of voluntary carbon credits and can be legally distributed via banks, forex exchange offices, and regulated public and private entities within their nations’ purview.

The Co2 tokens, part of an innovative finance mechanism, is being used to finance environmentally projects, including reducing deforestation, improving agricultural efficiencies and funding other innovations impacting declining CO2 sequestration. Most importantly, the Co2Bit program will help mitigate the inevitable impacts of climate change such as inhabitant migrations, food and water shortages, and economic adaptation.

Co2 tokens have a comprehensive objective to protect the planet and its inhabitants, through the financing of projects aimed at reducing the impacts of global warming in the near term and long term in a sustainable manner.

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