Stolen Car Investigation Process UK 2020

“The brand new car is theft last week even after heavy security.” It makes you feel threatening, but this flash news is where you see it often. It is because purchasing the vehicle is a huge investment, but the possibilities of theft are another headache for motorists. Even after following the instructions to keep the vehicle with the tracker & security, it doesn’t work for a few cars. 

As per the statistics, you might have seen England & Wales have the same position in 2019 for higher vehicle theft records. It is why motorists are recommended to take a vehicle check before buying a used car. Though you find the second-hand vehicle from the reputed dealer or private seller, you need to know if the car has any hidden issues where the vendor tries to hide from you. 

Here, readout what to do when your vehicle is stolen or else the details acquired by considering the stolen car check when you planned to buy the vehicle

Things Car Owner Should Keep In Mind After The Vehicle Is Stolen:

Some might fix the camera and other high-security services like a tracker or alarm to alert when burglaries attempt to access your vehicle. It is not easy like you are thinking, as burglars are smarter than us, have the hacking techniques & know the tricks in technology. Know what your action plan is when you end up in the situation. Let discuss further. 

What You Have To Do If Your Vehicle Has Been Stolen?

Suppose your vehicle is stolen, you have to act intellect on taking further actions that let you know to reduce your anxiety at the time. Here are three things to remember when you got stuck up, 

  • Complain- Police report

The first thing you have to report the vehicle is stolen, contact the police on 101. Search for the car documents, and it worsens the case if the documents are at the car itself. 

It is better to ready with the details like registration number, make and model, colour or even any other things or possessions that you kept inside the vehicle for complaining. The Police National Computer (PNC) will update all this information on their databases. It specified through the crime reference number and also informed DVLA about it. 

Even if you are purchasing a used car, you can check if the vehicle is stolen or registered under any records through inspection taken online. 

  • Claim- Contact your insurer:

If your vehicle is found within 7 to 14 days, there is no major damage; you can claim it easily from the insurer. It relies on the insurer and the coverage you take for the vehicle. Like, you can claim only for the economical repair, and then you might pick the particular coverage. So, it is better to have a comprehensive or third party fire & theft policy. 

What if the claim denied? You can find the coverage for belongings even if the vehicle is damaged or stolen. However, it completely depends on the insurance company where they have terms & conditions according to it; you can claim for the vehicle. There are some insurer might deny the coverage for belongings when you pay for third-party coverage only. 

There are many procedures to find the vehicle where you have to prove you are innocent and explain the scenario like the door is locked. It backfires you when you drive a keyless car. Above all, vehicle insurance coverage is differing from one company to another. So pick the right coverage. 

If the stolen car is financed or leased, you have to inform the respective company. It helps you to move the claiming process swiftly.

Better once you find the car is missing, never hesitate to complain or claim!

How to inform DVLA about the insurance claim?

If the insurance company helps you out in this tough situation, it is a safer side to tell the DVLA about using the coverage, and it is no longer your vehicle. 

Either inform DVLA online, or you can apply the yellow form about the vehicle details. On the other side, you need to give the logbook to the insurance company. The details include the details of your insurance company, date of claim, registration number and signature. 

What to do after the recovery of a stolen car? If the car is found, the police will inform the DVLA if the stolen car is recovered.

Probably, when the stolen car is recovered, you will receive the letter giving certain instructions & you have to collect the vehicle. And again, the process has to do where you have to inform the insurer. 

Thus, it is better to check before you buy second-hand vehicles with peace of mind. It is not specified that you can get reports for a car only; from Car Analytics, you can get all types of vehicles, so it is better to run stolen motorbike check free too if you are interested in purchasing one.

How to find the stolen vehicle?

Either you purchase the used car or tracing the vehicle, find it through the vehicle identification number (VIN). Thus, run a VIN check; it is a key to find your stolen car as the VIN number is unique given by the manufacturer.        

The online license plate check also helps check if a car has outstanding financeclocked one or even stolen cars.

Various service providers are there online; if you want to have a reliable and cheap vehicle check, then Car Analytics is the best choice. It is awarded as the best vehicle history checking service 2020 in the UK. Still doubt on picking the vehicle check, no worries take a manual analysis of the comparison between the prices.

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