Nick Rose’s Blockchain DApp to Launch Celebrity-Authenticated NTF’s via ETHERNITY CHAIN

With the recent rise of crypto currency, the finance industry has seen a cataclysmic impact, changing the landscape of the industry of finance irrevocably. With the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, an entire universe has spawned from these creations. Early Bitcoin investor Nick Rose , is at the forefront of yet another new innovation, while in the same vein as blockchain tech, he’s fully invested in non-fungible tokens, or NFT’s, as they’re known in the blockchain ecosystem.

In similar fashion as cryptocurrency, NFT’s can be purchased and traded, but how they vary is in their value. Instead of holding monetary value, the tokens are more like assets in the likes of digital art, collectibles or an in-game item. The esteemed Christie’s auction house recently sold a digital portrait of the Bitcoin code that went for more than $130,000, marking the first time that an NFT would be sold through a major auction house.

Most recently, Rose has managed to amass one of the first official and authentic collectible trading cards, signed by celebrity names of that caliber like, early crypto investors, the Winklevoss brothers, music duo Dimitri Vegas / Like Mike and Alesso, Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin and Brazilian soccer legend Pele. Each of these respective cards and artworks will be auctioned via third party platforms but everything is being produced by Rose’s new blockchain application called ETHERNITY. As a platform that auctions and sells NFT collectibles, ETHERNITY will be the one of the first of its kind to take blockchain technology and apply it to the arts and philanthropy at the same time. And as ETHERNITY continues to develop, the team is already in the midst of gathering hundreds more celebrity signed collectibles that will be auctioned in partnership with known artists such as Mad Dog Jones and more. Furthermore, Ethernity is a for profit Blockchain DApp with an underlying token, but one of their main goals is to raise millions of dollars for their charity partners.

In line with much of the work Rose does, ETHERNITY breaks barriers, providing a new and innovative medium to speak to polarizing industries like philanthropy, decentralized finance, and art. Most notably, Rose is known for his humbling work as a devoted environmentalist. In 2019, he was the heart and soul behind the effort to save the Amazon Rainforest from raging wildfires. In addition to Rose, Marco Santori has joined the advisory board as chief legal advisor. The ETHERNITY team also includes ex-Google/Facebook Engineer Mac Pholea, co-founder of Augur Jeremy Gardner, hospitality experts Will Makris and Marko Gojanovic, brand marketer Stafford Schlitt, digital artist Olive Allen, crypto influencers Danilo Carlucci and Joel Kovshoff.

The application will function as a platform for artists, athletes, celebrities, and public figures to collaborate and auction collectible digital art in the form of a non-fungible token.

To learn more about Nick Rose and the launch of Ethernity Chain slated to debut later this month, check Rose’s Twitter for updates.