Sustainable Travel Advertising App | Gaming Ad Engagement Platform Launched

This newly launched app provides users with the opportunity to play games on the move while riding sustainable transport, and to be rewarded while doing so. These games include retro favourites such as Space Invaders and Snake with an integrated reward structure and unobtrusive ad content.

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The app has been launched to establish a compensation plan for those who choose to reduce their carbon emissions through sustainable modes of transport such as trains, buses, or ride sharing. Advertisers seeking to expand in the mobile games market can do so in a way that does not frustrate customers, and which helps the environment at the same time.

Studies have shown that a population that regularly engages with green public transportation systems can lead to a local CO2 reduction of up to 45%. This effect is amplified by the recent introduction of electric transport options, which can further decrease pollution and which is seeing widespread adoption in many major cities.

A company spokesperson said, “Our vision is to empower people to take back what they deserve. Through making money on the move, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Skedadle will change the way the world travels.”

In the app, ads play passively in the background, allowing for frustration-free continuous gameplay on the go. This leads to meaningful engagement with ad content and helps advertisers engage more ethically with their target audience.

One user said, “I have nothing but praise for this app, it has proven to be an excellent tool for my university travel. As public transport can be expensive I need to save everything I can, along with this it brings me great joy to know I am saving CO2 emissions whenever I travel. I have recommended this app to everyone I know.”

Founded by Nick Macandrew, Skedadle has been created with the express goal of defeating boredom and encouraging green transportation. Their team intends to help heal the world while also building a platform for a more enjoyable mobile gaming experience.

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