Sustainable Bamboo Lunchboxes & Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Christmas Launched

The latest collection by GetBullish offers customers an extensive array of eco-friendly and funny gift ideas for the holiday season and beyond. It includes sustainable reusable alternatives to disposable shopping bags, lunch cartons, and dining utensils.

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Eco-conscious customers can now find plastic-free portable cutlery sets and a tasteful selection of BPA-free bamboo lunchboxes and certified carbon-neutral hold-alls and shopping bags. All orders over $50 qualify for complimentary shipping.

The newly released floral bamboo lunchbox from Santa Barbara Design Studio makes an ideal portable food container for work, family outings, or long road trips. Made from sustainably-harvested bamboo fiber, the compact and lightweight box is dishwasher-safe and sealed tightly via a silicone band to keep the contents fresh throughout the day. The fetching floral pattern makes this a favorite choice for women on the move.

For customers who are concerned about the amount of waste that their households generate, GetBullish also now stocks an iridescent reusable stainless steel straw. This comes with a companion brush for cleaning and a charming muslin bag to keep all the pieces together. The straw is another elegantly-designed piece from the Santa Barbara Design Studio and features smooth edges for easy sipping as well as a shiny, polished finish.

Other additions to the GetBullish range include fully compostable infant washcloths with a choice of child-friendly patterns. The flannels last for up to 200 washes and can then be recycled.

About GetBullish

The company began life as an advice column by Jennifer Dziura, featuring insightful and inspiring commentary on women, careers, and entrepreneurship. When this blossomed into an international following complete with an annual conference, GetBullish began retailing fem power items that reflected the tastes and principles of its client base.

A spokesperson says, “GetBullish makes its home in Industry City, a campus of reimagined warehouses and studios on the Brooklyn waterfront. The company is 100% woman owned and operated as well as LGBTQIA-friendly.”

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