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Survive-A-Storm Offers StormWarn: New, Targeted Tornado Alerts

Thomasville, GAâ?¯ Survive-A-Storm, the leading manufacturer and distributor of residential and commercial storm shelters in the United States, now offers a new layer of protection, the StormWarn alert system, powered by WeatherCall.

In providing its popular tornado shelters, which offer protection for even tornadoes rated at an EF-5 level, officials at the company realized that providing shelters during severe weather only solved part of the problem. Storm warnings are created by meteorologists, and storm shelters are designed by engineers at companies that manufacture such products – two areas that can be very siloed. For the first time, Survive-A-Storm Shelters provides StormWarn, a seamless solution that brings together the critical alerts from meteorologists and the locations of its subscribers.

The National Weather Service has gotten very effective at pinpointing locations that are in danger during severe weather. They create what are called polygons that pinpoint specific locales in the path of the storm.

Most weather apps, weather radios, tornado siren systems, and even warnings put out by TV meteorologists, alert a much larger area than the area that needs to take shelter. (Like entire counties, for example.) This is done because of technological limitations.

There are at least two scenarios of concern:

  1. Individuals who need to “see the threat” because the area being alerted is much larger than the area in danger. They may wait until the last possible second when they can see a tornado before taking cover. This practice is extremely dangerous when their homes end up in the path of a tornado.
  2. Others, who understand the danger, may grow concerned as the hour grows later and stay up all hours of the night, worried that they will miss the “take cover” alert. Then, when the late TV news ends, the question is, “Do I stay up late to monitor the weather?”

StormWarn is designed to remove the doubt from these scenarios by providing targeted alerts, delivered by phone and text to registered addresses located inside the polygon warning that the National Weather Service has developed for a particular storm. StormWarn subscribers get alerts only when a tornado or extreme winds (80 MPH or stronger) threaten. No more being awakened by a screaming weather radio at 3 a.m. because 20 miles away, there’s a hailstorm.

Introducing StormWarn - A Tornado Alert That Removes Doubt

About Survive-A-Storm

Survive-A-Storm Shelters are manufactured in Thomasville, GA, by RedGuard Diversified Structures, formerly Steel Corp, a part of the RedGuard family. RedGuard is headquartered in Wichita, KS and manufactures a variety of modular, safe structures. To learn more about StormWarn, or to sign up, visit the company online at

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