Super-Five Enhances Crypto Asset Offer, Enables Dogecoin Trade

London, UK — The cryptocurrency market has substantially grown in terms of trade volume and array of available coins, in the past year. For that reason, leading crypto trading broker Super-Five has announced that its selection of crypto coins, accessible to all users of its platform, has undergone a recent enhancement. Among the interesting names added to this list is Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency impressing analysts in the past few weeks.

“Our new and improved asset list is a result of much time and thought put into it by our expert brokers,” remarked Super-Five’s spokesperson. “Each new coin on the list was carefully analyzed according to past performance and future projections, before being added. We want to give our traders the chance to enjoy the benefits of popular and emerging crypto coins, while staying away from dangerous bubbles. We’re proud of this new list, because once again it shows how our brand is setting the path for the rest of the industry to walk upon.” 

Discover the true potential of the cryptocurrency world

When looking at the performance of the top 5 cryptocurrencies in the market over the past five months, one cannot avoid the conclusion that new investment venues are necessary. After a year of outstanding performance, Bitcoin and Ether, for example, have been slowly declining in value over the past month. Adding some refreshing names, such as Dogecoin and Aave, into the crypto portfolio may be a trigger for exploring further potential. It is this belief that has led Super-Five to perform these recent modifications.

“We’ve been following Dogecoin’s performance for a while now, noticing and dissecting its every move, and we’ve decided that it has a lot to offer our clients,” added the spokesperson.” By this move, we’re also sending a message to anyone choosing to do business with us. We want them to know how grateful we are for that decision, and that we’re not going to take it for granted, but rather to keep working hard to earn their trust each and every trading day.”

About Super-Five

Specializing in cryptocurrency and investment, Super-Five was founded with the intention of offering crypto traders something new, that they couldn’t find anywhere else. Today, the company serves clients from around the world, all interacting on the same proprietary platform, available for use from any device with no download necessary. A single account type serves all traders, with no requirement for a minimum deposit in advance. Technical and professional support is provided around the clock by the company’s representatives, with the onsite chat function being the preferred method of communication among users of the platform.