Successful, Young Entrepreneur From North Macedonia In Construction Industry

The young, serial entrepreneur Elmedin Ademi is revolutionizing business in the construction industry with the rapidly growing Eurovia Construction. Learn more.

Founder of Eurovia Group and Chairman of Screen Media, Elmedin Ademi has achieved his childhood aspiration of becoming an entrepreneur at a young age. Originally from North Macedonia, Ademi has a strong personal vision to make a difference in the world and uses his innate talent for founding and leading successful businesses to achieve that. As a 22-year-old, Ademi began his first business venture, founding Screen Media, which is widely recognized as one of today’s largest, most successful outdoor advertising companies. Ademi has since continued on that path of success, founding the Eurovia Group in 2010. The Eurovia Group now operates under his leadership in three countries with more than six affiliated companies in various fields.

As CEO of Eurovia Group, Ademi leads the prominent company to success in a highly competitive industry by inspiring enthusiasm and optimism in each project, thus cementing and maintaining relationships with clients, shareholders, and business partners. One of the affiliated companies within this group is the industry-leading Eurovia Construction. Ademi has vast experience in the construction industry and prioritizes accountability, respect, and integrity as part of his company’s mission.

Though Eurovia Construction was only founded in 2008, the company is far from finished when it comes to growth and further cementing its place in the industry as a leader. Part of Eurovia’s continuous growth and consistent success in the years since its inception is due to its ability to adapt and be flexible, no matter what challenges and changes the markets throw its way. As Eurovia continues to grow and become more efficient, expect this extraordinary company to find more ways to align all parties on a project and better serve clients. With a strong foundation, Eurovia Construction is ready for any challenge that comes its way.

Eurovia Construction, under Ademi’s strong leadership, has gone from strength to strength and worked on several successfully completed projects of varying sizes. Working with diligence and taking great care to pay attention to the smallest details, no project is too big or too small to be completed to a standard of excellence. From projects for private clients such as working on Tetovo’s First Indoor Pool and a complete Sports Hall Construction in Gostivar through to the successful realization of construction projects from the North Macedonian government, UNDP, EBRD, and the World Bank, there is no limit to what this remarkable company can achieve.

There is no doubt that Elmedin Ademi will continue to lead Eurovia Construction, The Eurovia Group, and, indeed, any business venture he is a part of to further success through his hard work and innovative approaches to business, exemplified by his response in 2020 to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Following the COVID-19 outbreak, Eurovia adapted to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and the business community has a crucial role to play. Eurovia Foundation was founded by Ademi with the sole purpose of mobilizing efforts to face the pandemic crisis’s consequences. This is certainly a company and leader to watch when it comes to pioneering several fields and industries and achieving successful results in the process.