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StuDocu raises $50M to serve over 200 million students globally

StuDocu, a notes and open educational resource platform for college students, recently announced that it raised $50 million in its latest round of funding. 

Created in Amsterdam in 2013 by four college students in their dorm rooms, the platform now boasts close to 15 million student users from 2,000 international universities. 

The company plans to invest its new capital from the venture capitalist firm Partech to boost its global reach further and expand its team. 

As an online platform that allows students to share class notes, summaries, and exam preparation reviews, StuDocu aims to empower students with the tools they need to study more efficiently. 

The Story of StuDocu — Why it was founded and how students benefit by using it

StuDocu was founded in 2013 by college students Jacques Huppes, Marnix Broer, Sander 

Kuijk, and Lucas van den Houten. 

Faced with the same struggles many college students face, the four engineering students grew tired of piecing together multiple study resources from peers. With scribbled lecture notes in one hand and an audio recording in the other, they knew studying could be made more efficient.

That’s when the idea of StuDocu was born. 

The founders started the online platform so college students could easily share and exchange study materials with fellow students. No more scattered resources, no more confusion — all study materials would be grouped by course, and there would be a search function for every university.

In 2020, student-generated study materials soared during the pandemic, and StuDocu doubled its monthly active users. The platform also welcomed high school students to start sharing study resources during the pandemic

In previous funding rounds in 2015, 2018, and 2019, StuDocu kick-started its global expansion into markets like the United States, Germany, the UK, Australia, and Canada — making the platform an international leader in the document sharing space.

This latest round will help the company reach new markets and add additional features like group study sessions and one-on-one tutoring. When speaking to EdScoop, CEO Marnix Broer said the company is also looking to explore ways to build community among students. 

Broer told EdScoop that students often form study groups through WhatsApp or Facebook. By finding ways to build community, students can collaborate on coursework and prepare for the workforce together. 

Whether they understand a topic well or not, studying together benefits all students. Students who don’t understand a concept can benefit from those who might have a better grasp. And students who understand a concept can benefit from teaching a fellow student. 

Broer says that even if you already know a topic, you start to understand it even better by explaining it out. Plus, you’re helping a fellow student. 

What the founders of StuDocu have to say: 

Co-founder and CEO of StuDocu, Marnix Broer, is looking forward to expanding the platform’s reach and improving its products. 

Speaking about the company’s latest development, he said:

“StuDocu is now in a very strong position to accelerate our global roll-out, which will bring us closer to reaching our goal of helping students worldwide make the most of their studies. Our top-notch international team (with our successful and profitable business model) brought us to the very healthy state we’re in now. This investment is proof that we’re on the right track to complete our mission and will ramp up our steep growth trajectory. With Partech’s scale-up experience on-board, StuDocu is set up well for reaching even more students with even better products in the years to come.”

What the founders of Partech have to say: 

General Partner at Partech, Bruno Crémel, believes in StuDocu’s mission and is excited about partnering with the company. 

Speaking about the investment, he said:

“StuDocu is a platform already helping millions of students around the world, and we’re excited to partner with this talented team in their mission to make education more accessible to all. When we met the team at StuDocu, we were wildly impressed with their data-driven culture — and by how much students really love using their services. We look forward to working closely with Marnix and his team as they accelerate StuDocu’s global expansion and develop even more innovative ways to support students in meeting their learning goals.”

About StuDocu 

Founded in 2013, the EdTech platform StuDocu helps nearly 15 million students share access to high-quality notes and study materials every month. 

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