Student Engagement Teaching Guidebook To Foster Active Learning Announced

The publisher’s new magenta approach stems from the work of veteran teacher James Alan Sturtevant and his book ‘Teaching in Magenta: 100 Paths to Joy and Well-being for You and Your Students’. With illustrations from Lauren Barnes, the book reinforces what can often be lost in a now overburdened and over-administrated profession: that teaching and learning should be bold, vibrant, and noble. Times 10 Publications and James Sturtevant believe the color magenta encapsulates these qualities and they are proud to be at the forefront of this new teaching movement.

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Author James Sturtevant wrote the book in a climate in which teacher wellbeing and fulfillment are at an all-time low in the United States, with burnout and stress at an all-time high. Taking into account the corresponding low rates of student engagement in classrooms around the country, Sturtevant believes the teaching profession needs a rethink.

As such, in accordance with his magenta philosophy, his guidebook puts teachers’ joy and wellbeing first, understanding that this has a ripple effect which will extend outwards to students.

James Sturtevant and Times 10 Publications appreciate that to a harried classroom teacher this may feel like a lofty and unreachable goal. As such, ‘Teaching in Magenta’ includes practical and actionable tools and pathways that will help teachers to gain new insights, ideas, and energy for their teaching practice.

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‘Teaching in Magenta: 100 Paths to Joy and Well-being for You and Your Students’ focuses specifically on the five core areas of compassion, optimism, balance, adaptability and contentment, all with a view to rekindling a teacher’s passion for their craft and boosting student engagement by fostering active learning.

Times 10 Publications hopes that the magenta movement will continue to spread throughout the teaching profession. To that end, they have also published more books on teacher wellbeing and student engagement in their HACK Learning Series.

A spokesperson for the publisher and educational innovators said, “Magenta is bold, it’s vibrant, and the color holds noble qualities. ‘Teaching in Magenta’ means creating magnificent days. Find renewed joy in teaching, and soon your students and colleagues will notice how refreshingly magenta you have become.”

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