Student Anxiety Restorative Practice Book For School Administrators Released

This new book, simply titled “Anxious,” was published by Times 10 Publications and has been hailed as one of the essential works in their collection. The book, authored by Christine Ravesi-Weinstein, tackles different topics regarding the impact and causes of anxiety in the classroom.

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This recently released guide is intended to help educators battle the high levels of anxiety felt in and out of the classroom due to the pandemic, and the advice presented within has only grown more relevant since then. With this in mind, Times 10 Publications recommends this guide as an essential read for educators nationwide.

In the book, Ravesi-Weinstein offers insight into the most common signs of an anxious student while exploring the various ways in which those symptoms might be misconstrued. The foundational idea in the book is that those who might be considered “lazy” by some – such as those who regularly miss assignment deadlines – may be suffering from anxiety in the background.

The author explores a variety of methods that educators can use to tackle the problem. The guidance she provides is based on a combination of personal experience grappling with clinical anxiety and from her time as a classroom instructor, during which time she was able to recognize the issues she details in this volume.

Ravesi-Weinstein identifies ways to create a safer, more understanding classroom space that encourages students to pursue inquiry on their own accord, rather than being driven to do so by external factors. In this way, she also lays out what she feels are the key factors at play in the mind of an anxious student: grades, peer and parental pressures, and lack of study time.

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One reviewer said, “When you know better you can do better. Student anxiety is more and more prevalent. “Anxious” gives educators the necessary clarity on how anxiety works and how we can reduce the control it has on our learners. This book is written for every educator, not just counselors and social workers.”

“Anxious” is Christine Ravesi-Weinstein’s debut title with Times 10 Publications, though her work joins an expansive lineup of teaching guides on a wide variety of topics. The book is available on the Times 10 store in paperback and ebook formats, as well as on Amazon.

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