Stratford-Based Dyslexia Specialist Impacts the World with Programs & Message

Approximately 1 in every 5 people, of every age, is affected by dyslexia which is not only a unique learning style but a way of thinking that comes with many gifts as well. Despite this commonly occurring difference, dyslexia is still widely misunderstood and lacks support within the standard educational system. Parents are also often without the tools to help their struggling learners.

Thankfully, Stratford is home to Picture Perfect Learning Solutions, a company led by Nadine Schumont. She is a dyslexic specialist who helps her clients gain the tools and skills they need to open up a whole world of learning and success.

Clients of all ages are shown ways to understand the disorientation and confusion that accompanies their learning differences. Her service, PPLS, helps those with learning differences such as; dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADD, and ADHD harness their unique way of learning and interpreting information as an ability rather than a disability. This specially designed program is 30 hours long, but the tools and knowledge will last a lifetime.

Nadine has made it her personal mission to help others avoid the same frustrations and feelings of “otherness” that plagued her through much of her life.

Nadine grew up suffering from undiagnosed ADHD and Dyslexia (diagnosis was not easy to come by in the 1970s). She was a busy multi-tasker who struggled to “sit still and pay attention”. As a young child and through most of her adulthood, Nadine’s ‘normal’ was a challenge compared to others. Like many others, she grew up in a school system that was not set up for students with different learning styles and needs. As a student who learned and explored differently than her peers, Nadine was left feeling like an outsider.

Nadine has been able to discover that her ADHD and dyslexia are her gifts, rather than shortcomings, and she wants to help others have that same moment of discovery. It is her goal to offer an experience, like the one she had with The Davis Dyslexia Correction Program(R), to students and families that will help them find acceptance, as well as skills and tools to overcome any stumbling points they may experience. This led to the creation of Picture Perfect Learning Solutions, Nadine’s personal company that will help people like her reach their full potential.

In addition to the one-on-one Davis Dyslexia Correction Program, she offers the Davis Reading Program for Younger Learners, the Davis Attention Mastery Program, and the Davis Math Mastery Program.

Based on the growing need in her community, Nadine has branched out from the one-on-one Davis(R) programs and is now hosting an interactive and academic Hands-On Learning Pod at the PPLS Resource Centre. The students range from grades two-six and meet for two full days a week of learning that is interactive and complements their homeschool studies.

Throughout the year, a 6-week workshop series based on the book, ‘Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If’, by Richard Whitehead is available to parents, tutors, teachers, and other leaders in our community who would love to have the skills to support the students in their life. There is even a free online version of this material available on her website to those who are interested. The aim is to make these resources accessible so we can genuinely support the neurodiverse learner.

Another way she is spreading awareness is through her ongoing, free public talks that highlight her story, how the Davis program profoundly changed her life, and the ways this method can benefit others on a similar journey.

Nadine is always happy to discuss the concept of neurodiversity and the work she’s doing in our community! For more information about the various services at PPLS, or to book a free consultation, contact her at [email protected] or 519-508-1486.

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