Steven A. Yagyagan Announces The Launch Of His Upcoming Book “Heather”

Narragansett Street San Diego, CA,:  We are excited to announce the launch of a new book, “Heather,” written by a well known author, Steven A. Yagyagan.

This powerful and inspiring book gives readers a firsthand look into the often-hidden world of child abuse. Steven shares Heather’s personal story of survival and resilience towards child and adult abuse. Highlighting the courage and strength of a child who faced adversity and ultimately triumphed over it.

The book Heather narrates the journey of a girl who faced child and adult abuse. The book gives the message that there is hope for others and for those who are being abused or who have been abused. There are insights and guidance in this book through which readers are given a deeper understanding of the prevalence of this type of abuse, along with strategies for prevention, healing, and hope for a better future.

The author, Steven A. Yagyagan (Steve), has authored seven books. He loves writing about the human spirit (triumph and tribulation). He wants to challenge himself and tackle other genres as well. He has been writing since he was thirteen years old. His first book, Haikus For Life, was published in April 2013. For his new book, he has chosen a very wise and informative topic of child abuse, which is becoming very common nowadays. Steven wanted to give his readers hope and inspiration and deliver something that benefits society. His motto is to touch people’s hearts; he writes his book for his audience, not to please other authors or to make a big name in society.

With a raw and honest approach, “Heather” offers readers a heartbreaking yet heartwarming story of hope and healing. This book is very beneficial for society.

The book will be available for purchase on Amazon, Kindle and other ebook platforms. We encourage readers to join the conversation about this important topic and join us in supporting the survivors.

For more information or to get more information from the author,

email “[email protected]”  or call ((808) 895-2367).