SterlingPro Stainless Steel French Press – Coffee Lovers Anniversary Gift Launch

The newly launched French press is a contemporary looking device that keeps coffee hotter longer without transferring heat to the exterior of the unit. The perfect anniversary gift for those who prioritize a top-quality cup of coffee, the SterlingPro French Press comes in sizes that range from 1 to 1.75 liters.

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One of the best and most popular ways to make a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee is by using a French press. The recently launched SterlingPro Double-Walled French Press is a high-quality home brew device that is recommended as a top anniversary gift choice for both its modern aesthetic and its convenience. The double walls keep its contents hot while the exterior of the device remains cool to the touch.

More and more studies are confirming the many benefits coffee has for those who consume it daily. It is full of hundreds of biologically active compounds including caffeine which elevates serotonin and dopamine levels to boost the mood as well as increase the overall brain function.

Second only to the drip machine method, the French press method is popular because it allows the user to regulate their coffee’s strength.

Coffee grounds that are allowed to steep longer than the standard four minutes will produce a stronger cup of coffee packed with natural oils and other elements that drip machines filter out.

A key advantage of the SterlingPro French press is its double screen plunger which mimics the job paper filters perform by catching all coffee grounds to leave a 100% filtered pot of coffee.

The unit’s double-wall design is as attractive on the counter as it is useful to the cup because it holds the temperature of beverages, that can also include tea, hot chocolate, cold brew, frothed milk, fruit infusions, and plant tinctures.

Made of stainless-steel components, The SterlingPro French press is dishwasher safe, will not shatter, and will not rust. With over 6,000 reviews, the SterlingPro maintains a near-perfect five-star rating.

Customers can use the special code STERLINGPRO1 to get 10% off the price of their purchase.

The online launch of the SterlingPro Double-Walled French Press gives coffee lovers anywhere in the world access to a best-in-class coffee maker. Those looking for the perfect anniversary gift will find it in this versatile and contemporary device.

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