STEM gifts for 10 yr old nephew on his Birthday

Educational and STEM gifts are a great way to get your 10 year old nephew excited about learning. This post will provide some ideas for the perfect educational gift that they are guaranteed to love!

It is common for boys of this age to play with video games and cars a lot but these two may not be the best choice as a good gift. A better idea would be to give them a science kit or an educational game that will make learning fun for him!

A great way you can specifically tailor this present is by giving your nephew some LEGO kits, which are also perfect as he gets older and wants more complicated sets like Harry Potter Hogwarts Express .

This toy has over six hundred pieces in it so they’ll have hours upon hour’s worth on entertainment if given at Christmas time when there’s snow outside but not too much cold weather yet inside their home while opening presents with family members.

Also an electronic kit with a set of motors, LEDs and other items that is perfect for making a robot or other electronic projects.

The best thing about this kit, it’s STEM focused and engages kids in the science of electricity with little to no need from parents as they can do most if not all themselves!

To intrigue your nephew’s interest in renewable energy you might get him a DIY solar car kit. It is a perfect way to teach him about the environment and how it affects us all but also gives them an outlet for their creativity!

This kit will give your nephew hours of entertainment as they can make solar cars, race tracks etc with this one set up or even just explore different ways that electricity works in our society without having any previous knowledge on STEM subjects before getting started

For an exposure in chemistry, there are many chemistry kits that are available for purchase in stores such as Target or Walmart that can be used to have your nephew explore all the basic elements of chemistry.

This is a great gift idea because it will teach them about how everything they see around themselves was created with chemicals and you might even inspire an interest into future STEM fields! For example there’s this kit from ThinkGeek called “All About Chemistry- A Periodic Table Exploration Kit” which would provide hours worth entertainment while also teaching kids some science basics too!”‘

If your nephew is the artist type then you might want to try out the National Geographic Kids Drawing Book! This book is great for all ages and will teach your nephew how to draw different animals, people or things. You might even find that you want a copy of this too after gifting it since there’s so many awesome drawing ideas inside

This gift idea would be perfect because not only does he get some new art supplies but also has access into learning more about what his interests are right now which can help with expanding their creativity!. For example in one page they may learn “how” someone draws an animal while on another she could explore underwater life drawings!

We hope you will find something useful in this list for birthday gifts for nephews that your loved one will enjoy!