Stem Cell Therapy For Long Haul Covid In LA Announced By Springs Rejuvenation

Springs Rejuvenation’s latest announcement comes in response to recent data suggesting that as many as one in four people aged 65 and over are still living with the after-effects of the Covid-19 virus. The clinic pioneers stem cell solutions to help tackle a range of chronic health issues – from cognitive impairments and cardiovascular disease to joint injuries and autoimmune conditions.

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The announcement outlines the clinic’s innovative approach to tackling the causes and symptoms of what is known as ‘Long Haul Covid’. Lead physician Dr. Charles Pereyra explains that stem cells can repair damage caused by the virus to the lungs and other organs. Stem cell therapy also bolsters the immune system to prevent reinfection and reduce the intensity of symptoms.

“There is currently no known cure for Covid-19 and treatments are focused on relieving symptoms and supporting the respiratory system,” says Dr. Charles Pereyra. “Stem cell therapies may offer a new way to repair damaged tissue and organs, boosting the immune system, and reducing inflammation.”

As data from The National Center for Health Statistics reveals that 7.5% of adults in the US currently have Long Covid symptoms, Springs Rejuvenation believes its new stem cell therapy can relieve symptoms such as cognitive impairment, brain fog, headaches, broken sleep, fatigue, muscle pain, or pins and needles.

Covid patients suffering from lung damage can also find relief through the clinic’s stem cell solutions. Long-Haul Covid symptoms often include shortness of breath and tiring easily. Springs Rejuvenation offers intravenous injections of human stem cells to regenerate damaged tissue.

Furthermore, the use of mesenchymal stem cells can reduce the severe inflammatory effects of Covid-19 infection and alleviate pulmonary fibrosis in patients. Springs Rejuvenation’s stem cell treatments are non-invasive and offer an effective alternative to prescription medication for the relief of chronic disorders.

The clinic’s stem cells are derived from umbilical cord tissue lining from healthy mothers. All extractions are conducted in FDA-compliant laboratories which undergo regular testing for communicable diseases. Clients can expect a detailed consultation and collaborative approach to ensure their individual needs and preferences are met.

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