SteelWallet Recovery Plate: Stainless Steel Backup Tool & Stamping Kit Announced

Made by Shift Crypto, the BitBox SteelWallet Backup Tool provides customers with a low-tech external method of protecting their cryptocurrency wallets. The stainless steel tool can withstand a variety of conditions while keeping confidential customer information safe.

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Although both hardware and software wallets employ strict security measures to protect sensitive customer data, they aren’t exempt from leaks, hacking, and theft. Having a recovery seed backup tool ensures that a customer’s funds can be restored even if their hardware or software wallet is jeopardized. The BitBox SteelWallet Backup Tool offers cryptocurrency users an easy-to-use backup solution.

The BitBox SteelWallet Backup Tool protects private keys using stamped steel plates. “Users simply take the two steel plates provided and stamp their seed phrases into them using an automatic punch and instruction manual,” explains a spokesperson for The Crypto Merchant. “They then put the steel plates in a storage pouch or tamper-proof bag and store them in a unique hiding place.”

Considering it’s made from steel, the BitBox SteelWallet Backup Tool’s 450g weight and compact design make it relatively easy to store or hide. The steel is also resistant to acid, radiation, fire, water, and impact damage, meaning the engraved recovery seed phrases will never fade, distort, or disappear.

The BitBox SteelWallet Backup Tool is compatible with any industry-standard BIP-39 hardware wallet and can store up to 24 words at 12 words per steel plate.

“When I purchased my BitBox Hardware Wallet I bought a BitBox SteelWallet Backup Tool along with it because I wanted that added layer of offline security,” said a satisfied customer. “The plates are pretty much apocalypse-proof, which allows me to go about my crypto business without the fear of my funds ever being compromised. For such a simple tool I’d say it’s worth way more than its weight in gold.”

About Crypto Merchant

The Crypto Merchant was founded in 2017 by a group of New York-based crypto adopters, coders, miners, and investors. In addition to backup tools, they sell hardware wallets, cases, accessories, and crypto apparel. They are authorized retailers for established crypto brands, including Shift Crypto, Trezor, Ledger, Billfodl, Cryptotag, and KeepKey.

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