Staying Positively Connected During the Lockdown

With the world in the state that it is today, staying connected has become more crucial than ever before. Nothing spells out a depressive lockdown than being unable to speak with your loved ones.

With staying connected being on everyone’s highest priority, many people are bothered with weak cell connections. It’s hard to stay in a positive mood when there’s no one to talk to or share your experiences with.

Luckily, there is a way you can keep your connection stable, and not just mobile signal connection, but also the connection to your loved ones.

Simple Problems, Simple Solutions

Having a weak connection, when you look at it from a broader context, is not a difficult problem to understand. You just want a more stable mobile network that doesn’t cut off your conversations or leaves you in the dark. This is where a simple solution comes in, even if the technology behind it is not simple at all.

If your home isn’t getting a strong mobile signal, then you may need to invest in a mobile repeater. You’ve probably seen it in some hotels or offices. The device is made out of three parts and it’s designed to strengthen weak signals and improve the overall connection in a particular radius.

Say the mobile connection in the vicinity of your home is always weak. This can come from a lot of different factors, such as an unreliable Network provider, the cell towers being too far away and even the elevation of your local area. But this doesn’t mean that you simply have to accept this and continue living with a bad connection.

No, you want to stay connected, you want to talk to your friends and family and you want to always be able to reach anyone that you want while locked down in your home. This is where mobile repeaters come in. They’re comprised of an external antenna, an amplifier and an internal antenna. The external antenna catches incoming mobile signals, which are then transferred over to the amplifier which strengthens the signal. After that the signal is dispersed throughout the area with the internal antenna.

And with this single device, you won’t have to worry about weak cell signals any longer.

But there are other tricks on how to improve mobile signal in your home.

Try talking out of different rooms. Keep in mind, that cell signals operate on a physical wavelength and have to travel through surfaces in order to reach their destination. By calling from a remote room, that’s closed off and has few windows, you’re making it harder for the cell signal to pierce through and reach the cell tower. Your best bet is to move your office to a room with more windows. If you generally hang out in the basement, try using one of the ground floors instead if you want to make a call. Or alternatively, you could always get that repeater and have it cover your basement as well, giving you the ability to talk from anywhere in your home.

If you continue having trouble keeping a steady connection, consider consulting with your cell service provider, who may be having some technical difficulties in your area, which is why the coverage is weak. If there is anyone who will know why your cell signal is having problems, it would be them.

Or, you can always think about changing service providers altogether and opting for one that would better fit your needs and requirements. Some providers cover different areas of the country better than others, depending on where their closest cell tower is. Most cell towers share several mobile networks, but the one you’re using may simply not give good coverage where you live. This is where you’d need to change your provider and find one that’s closer to you.

One way or another, there are many ways of ensuring that your connection stays strong and you never lose your signal while under lockdown. Sure, there are many tricks you can try to boost your connection, but a mobile repeater will do the trick, without asking you to do anything extra.