Staying In the Forefront of Entreprise NFT Adoption

Shanghai, China Node Kapital Has Complemented it’s 21st Round of 2021 investing into Polkacipher, A Cross-chain Oracle focused towards NFT Privacy for Businesses

Polkacipher is an enterprise focused NFT platform led by Tim Rainer.

Node Kapital proudly announces that they have acquired one tenth of the whole funding round.

The Reason of this acquisition is Node Kapital’s appetite towards Business Focused usage of NFT’s and core interest in privacy protecting protocols.

Polkacipher is a public Blockchain with privacy components, therefore they preserve the decentralized component while the participants have the ability to restrict private information.

This opens up a whole new paradigm for enterprise applications where the need for decentralized distribution of databases is preeminent but company secrets prevail.

Polkacipher is based on the Polkadot Ecosystem and has cross chain capability supporting Ethereum, Binance chain and in the future Tron, Cardano etc..

The Co-founder of Node Kapital Vilma Mattila cites:

“There is an increasing adoption of NTfs for Enterprise usage such as ride hailing, Food & Beverage and Luxury Fashion.

We want to invest in technologies that enable speedy transactions on open source networks while preserving their privacy when it’s needed, Vilma sees option for enabling privacy as one of the key pillars for Web3 real-world businesses adoption”

While, The General Partner Serge believes that:

”NFTs will evolve beyond digital art and collectibles – the real value of NFTs is in its ownership component – applicable from anywhere from Licensing, certifications, land and property ownership, music, sports ticketing and tokenization – the possibilities are endless in the NFT space ”

Node wants to guarantee their place as a pioneer in the future of Digital Authentication and therefore are always investing &  looking for ecosystem shakers such as Polkacipher.

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