Statham, GA Lawn Grass Maintenance | Weed Control & Yard Cleanup Service Update

The update is part of the company’s continued efforts to provide customers with consistent lawn services. It includes a broad range of landscaping solutions, such as fertilization, weed control, yard cleanup, and many more.

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With this move, Fresh Cut Landscaping ensures Statham homeowners can now access professional landscaping services to improve their property’s curb appeal and value.

Whether the client is looking for an encompassing lawn care program or a custom-built solution tailored to suit their specific needs, the crew can make it happen.

They will deploy modern mowing techniques for optimal grass health alongside leveraging plant growth patterns, soil types, light conditions, and pruning schedules to ensure aesthetically pleasing landscapes.

As part of their lawn maintenance services, the company provides effective weed control measures that include the correct application of weedicides to eliminate unwanted grasses, in addition to efficient fertilization to promote a healthy lawn.

The team at Fresh Cut Landscaping can also provide thorough yard cleanup, which includes the removal of dead leaves, branches, and plant matter to protect the lawn from shade damage and disease.

The landscaping contractors understand that effective lawn care can be time-consuming and that most homeowners may not have the time to devote to a healthy yard. That is why the team works closely with customers to create a schedule that is most convenient for them.

For over seven years, Fresh Cut Landscaping has been providing quality lawn services for customers. The company has built a strong reputation for responsive customer service, making it the leading landscaping and lawn care contractor within its local community.

A satisfied customer said: “I’ve been using Fresh Cut since my move to Athens in 2016. They are responsive and go above and beyond your normal landscaping needs. Matt has always made sure that nothing is left behind, no grass clippings in beds, driveways, and roads. He and his crew are quick and always follow up to make sure that I’m satisfied with their work. He has never tried to push extra services to get more money. I highly recommend their services.”

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