Stankevicius International is launching Business Terminal in Q2 2021

Stankevicius International Limited a member of Stankevicius Group has been developing a trading platform for buyers and suppliers to connect and trade goods and commodities internationally.

As a trade consulting firm, Stankevicius International faced severe issues in the current trade market which lack authenticity for both buying and supplying parties. There are more and more brokers involved between deals and the chains have become longer and more difficult to deal with.

Closing a trade deal between the US and Asia has become a headache. The demand is required globally throughout all major continents but supply has become difficult to grasp due to genuinity and lack of authenticity within broker chains and the end seller parties.

Stankevicius International has been dealing with international commodity trade for entire 2020 within the medical equipment trading sector and has faced a lot of issues when doing purchases. The issues usually lead to unsustainable communication, wrong intentions and lack of experience and knowledge in the trading sector between buying and selling parties.

Stankevicius International CEO, Paulius Stankevicius, has been in the commodity trade industry since 2016 and faced the same issues back then and again now in the current time. Even though commodities and medical trading are two totally different sectors, regardless of trading item or sector the procedure and the trade business methodology and process is the same.

Fixing the communication and trust between buyers and suppliers has become a mission for Stankevicius International, because there are a lot of business opportunities in the global markets but to filter these opportunities into real ones can be a headache and without proper experience trade business can become very difficult.

For these reasons, Stankevicius International has started a development of a Business Terminal platform for offline general trading activities. The platform allows buyers and sellers to list their goods whether they are buying and selling and with experience and knowledge of the trade industry, Stankevicius International assists both real buyers and real sellers to close the deal.

In the platform, suppliers and buyers can list products for purchase or sale, Stankevicius International then supervises the trade options and prioritize them accordingly from the unreal offers to real and legitimate deals. The prioritized trade offers and options shall be initiated and Stankevicius International will manage the trade deal between the supplier and buyer.

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